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  • My concept worries

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on the site but have been reading for a while now and it's really great.

    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows of a website or contact or any information at all where I can get clued up as to wether a concept has been covered before. Its only because I have what I think is a great concept but I have yet to see it on screen. I have done some research on the net and not found anything with the concept and have gone through the sales archives here and nothing.

    I'm hoping that it's yet to be an untouched area (!) or it has been suggested to studio's, prodcos etc and they just arent interested. I's a very high concept one liner and don't really want to go through with it and then get it thrown back at me from everyone because they all passed on it years ago. Is there possibly a way to know about what concepts may have been considered good but just not good enough.

    Any suggestions or guidance would be terrific.

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    Re: My concept worries

    The odds are heavily against you (since everything has been done before in one form or another), but I admire your optimism.

    You could always post a logline here... tho' I sense a reluctance to give anything away? But the moment you show it to a "website or contact" you're revealing your very high concept idea.

    Ideas can't be copyrighted, but if you have a story in mind, you can write a treatment and register this with LOC before you ask anyone for comments and feedback.

    Shrug, random thoughts.

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      Re: My concept worries

      Thanks for the advice. Normally I wouldnt ask about this but because I havn't managed to find anything anywhere, apart from one movie which was slightly, slightly similar in the 70's.

      I have been scripting for a couple of years now and have always gone for character based story which leads to conflict but wanted to go high concept for a long time. I got this idea a while back and it's been rattling around since but because it seems very obvious I thought it would have been done before. The refreshing part of that for me is that I read somewhere that good high concept is often a very obvious and overlooked (something like that anyway) idea.

      Anyway I'll try what you mentioned, can't do any harm.


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        Re: My concept worries

        If you have a script finished and ready to go, post the logline here and you may get answers.

        Also, the very best concepts usually get attention from connected lurkers (and have been known to sell as a consequence).
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          Re: My concept worries

          and post pages. get feedback on that. very important.


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            Re: My concept worries

            So you mean when its all done and polished to let it rip on here and see what feedback I get.


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              Re: My concept worries

              Yep. When you think you're ready, post the first 5 pages in the right forum and see what happens.