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  • Religious/ SciFi/Action script questions...

    I'm currently brewing up a story about a secret organization headed by the church that trains young adults world wide to fight off demons in the area of the world that they live in. Why young adults you ask? Well in my story, evil preys on the young mostly when they choose to possess a body.

    The young are the future of tommorow so this is how they plan to rule tommorow. But since adults can't be everywhere their children are, the teens are trained to be able to "sense" when a demon is lurking by and when they do they can initiate a "stand-still" (A special maneuvor capable of freezing time in certain radius for a limited ammount of time.) I kinda wanted to incoporate the "stand-still" move into my story because in my story it kinda explains the strange phenom that is when an entire room gets quiet all of a sudden. (Like has happened to me. A room of a dozen people. Talking...talking...talking...SILENCE. Everyone. Then we start again. Creepy.)

    My main inspirations for this would be constantine and Van Helsing. Of course I have a much different (and much deeper) storyline but there's more action than anything in this story where the cast is mostly young adults (appeals to the young crowd), it has a religious base (appeals to the religious), and my Sci-Fi twist in it should appeal to everyone.

    Sorry for long explanation but I truly thought it was necessary.


    1. How do you think people would respond to seeing a film like this?
    2. Would it be appropriate to mix sci-fi with religion; are there any other films that have done this?
    3. Would you be interested in a story like this?
    4. Oh yeah...What would you title a story like this?
    Thierry C.

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    Re: Religious/ SciFi/Action script questions...

    If you are going to write what would be an expensive film, you must be certain that it would be a box office draw. Most films like this are based on some pre-existing hot property, so if you are going to try to pitch an original spec for what would be an expensive film, you have to somehow tap into the public consciousnous in a way that's obvious.

    Your idea doesn't do that, and also it sounds too much like the recent Russian sci-fi/vamp film Night Watch to me.


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      Re: Religious/ SciFi/Action script questions...

      The Matrix trilogy combines Sci-Fi with Religion. Here's something to think about though; just because a movie has churches and demons in it doesn't mean it will appeal to religious people. I'm pretty sure the audience at screenings of Hellboy, Constantine and The Exorsist weren't full of religious movie-goers.


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        Originally posted by fightingcrest
        My answers:

        1. Much would depend on what sort of budget is involved. Without the Hollywood hype machine pushing it, it might do better as a low budget independent production.

        2. Sci-fi gets mixed with religion a lot, (too much in my opinion). Robert Wise didn't appear to be too aware of the Christian symbology in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, as adapted in Edmund H. North's screenplay. Yet, you say that you want to include a Sci-fi twist to make it more appealing, my guess is that you're dealing with supernatural horror, (and, maybe, you shouldn't mix your genres).

        3. Not likely, as I'm a rather devout atheist; but, is it really good?

        4. That's up to you.

        Let me recommend a book by Charles Fort, that may be of interest: Lo!

        "Or that there may be occult things, beings and events, and that also there may be something of the nature of an occult police force, which operates to divert human suspicions, and to supply explanations that are good enough for whatever, somewhat of the nature of minds, human beings have - or that, if there be occult mischief-makers and occult ravagers, they may be of a world also of beings that are acting to check them, and to explain them, not benevolently, but to divert suspicion from themselves, because they, too, may be exploiting life upon this earth, but in ways more subtle, and in orderly, or organised fashion."

        "Why is it that youngsters have so much to do with psychic phenomena? I have gone into that subject, according to my notions. Well, then, when a whole nation, or hosts of its people, goes primitive, or gives in to atavism, or reverts religiously, it may be conditions arise that are susceptible to phenomena that are repelled by matured mentality. A hard-headed materialist says, dogmatically: 'There are no occult phenomena.' Perhaps he is right about this, relatively to himself. But what he says may not apply to children. When, at least to considerable degree, a nation goes childish with mediaevalism, it may bring upon itself an invasion of phenomena that in the middle ages were common, but that were discouraged, or alarmed, and were driven more to concealment, when minds grew up somewhat." ~ Lo!, part 1, ch. 14
        If the number of incidents that your organization deals with is small, (such as the number of exorcisms performed by the Roman Catholic Church), it could be a small group with a handful of children with wild talents.
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          Re: Religious/ SciFi/Action script questions...

          I've just completed another script a couple of weeks ago.

          I was fortunate enought to have a couple of producers look at it, and while they liked it, they said it would be too expensive to take a chance on it (too many locations, characters, etc). I tried to limit location and characters but was just not able to in order to tell the story. What I learned from this is that 1) I may have a decent enough story for the right producer/studio, and 2) I need to write a more simple and high concept story.

          So while pursuing #1, I had another story brewing in the back of my mind. I pitched this to the producer and he said "write it, and there's a good chance..." guess what I've been doing for the last week? Writing, writing, writing like crazy... story first draft 1/2 way done... 1 location and a few actors.

          I think the best thing to do is to look at a way to limit shooting location and characters as much as possible, unless you're already established.

          I have a few interviews next week... my outline is done (simple 3 page). Now back to writing...

          Writer / Director available for your project.