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    hi all,

    I have a formatting problem. I have three countries in a screenplay. I want one to look like the old 70's kind of phtotgraphy with faulty lab processing. the other with the "fight club" movie kind of cinematography. and the yet another with blue filter used. so I have mentioned each location in the slugline with location name like this:

    EXT. BILL'S HOUSE - DAY - country 1

    and in the title page with the p:s about how to visualize the the locale.

    is the formatting correct?


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    Re: format

    Clarity is paramount.

    Does it make sense to you as an objective reader?

    Don't put anything in the slug in lower case letters.

    Instead of country 1, give us an actual name.

    Japan would be quite different from Uganda. need a framework to visualize.

    And what is p:s



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      Re: format

      It seems to be you are trying to dictate the visual style of the film, something not within the realm of the writer. Trying to describe how the scene should look aesthetically might prompt people to accuse you of trying to "direct" the script. It's better to just do what a writer does, tell the story, and let the others do what it is their job to do, including decide the visual style of the film.