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    Re: Male/Female Archetypes...

    Originally posted by diego80 View Post
    does anyone know of a comprehensive list or "catalog" (by which I mean a list with explanations) of major movie archetypes?

    or, is this feels like a too much professional tool to be easily found on the internet or in some book, a very good book on classic archetypes, like myths from the old age and alike

    I mean a book which describes specifically what each character means, what role he usually plays in the story and so on..


    Q.v. Christopher Vogler


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      Re: Male/Female Archetypes...

      Originally posted by Jon Jay View Post
      Campbell's Hero With A Thousand Faces and Bruno Bettleheim's Uses of Enchantment cover this. Both are very 'academic' but worth reading even if you're not a writer.
      Originally posted by Staircaseghost View Post

      thanks for the answers, I'll give those references a good look and reply as soon as I can; but I am afraid that's not exactly what I was looking for.

      thanks anyway