New ( sorta )Animation-type screenwriter here...hello!



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    Re: New ( sorta )Animation-type screenwriter here...hello!

    Ok. Writing back...


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      Re: New ( sorta )Animation-type screenwriter here...hello!

      Back in high school I wrote part of a ****ty novella called "Armpit Eddie and the Gravedigger Gang." It was about this guy (who was actually the legendary "Woodstock Baby") that was once hit by lightning, so subsequently whenever he dropped acid he could talk to animals.

      Anyway... to make a relevant point, in this ****ty little tome of mine he travelled around embarking in misadventures, always running into weird mythological creatures: the Medusa that lived under an overpass outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. The Vampire that had a shoe box full of fake IDs, one for everyday of the year so he could get a free "birthday" meal at Denny's everyday. And (back to relevancy) a were-cow that laid cow pies that produced the dankest magic mushrooms in the state of Wisconsin.

      Anyway, just thought the were-cow thing needed a little set-up.

      PS - nice were-aroo.


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        Re: New ( sorta )Animation-type screenwriter here...hello!

        Biglips, that is the most tripped-out, awesome idea ever ^-^

        By the way, I thought I'd put up a CampLycanthrope review from a person who knew nothing about it until they read it. I've gotten overwhelming positive feedback before, but NOTHING like this. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when the review came back like this:

        My review

        Read thoroughly
        Cried, was upset, and was totally into this story.

        It doesn't need to be altered since it will have a universal audience appeal
        It struck a cord when Pablo and his Grandmother's relationship were described in full. I started to tear up thinking about my mother's mother
        Elderly mexican-american woman who has been alone for a few years now. She lives in her own house but she reflects the care that is embodied in the film's progression when I visit my grandmother in real life

        I was wondering if you spent time with hispanic families?
        Your representation was dead on, I congradulate you on that

        Vivian was character that I felt could relate to us as the human factor on this message board. The human curiousity in us would have us upon other beings, unlike us, but we want to learn so much from them. We are fascinated by something that we may have, but we are unsure on what we really want as beings ourselves.

        The interaction amongst the pack was the most entertaining.
        We, the audience and reader alike, were raised as humans in our colliding world of Natural versus Artificialism whilst the wolves are in their own majesty. They behave according to the canine manner.
        I've witnessed this first hand as an account with my dogs.
        Alphas, betas, fighting, but above all else is their care for each-other.
        Dogs, like man, are animals taken out of their element.

        The ending was overall devistating, but I envokes nature.
        Death is natural, sadly, but even Pablo's new life will end at some point.
        This isn't a protagonists realization, its an embeded message that you convey. Through your characters, you reveal a reawaken for Pablo, Vivian, and the Pack as they face an all-to-natural occurence that is "change".
        Enjoy whats there for you, overcome, continue. This cliche is no cliche, its life.The only cliche is not realizing that both fiction and non-fiction in our society is what binds us with their hidden morals.

        You, like a tribe elder of old, tell a story with the universal appeal that needs to be heard.

        What people not really oriented with this concept need to visualize is that the story could be another coming of age for a boy/girl to face the world around them and make a attempt at coping with it. You demonstrate ingenuity by putting things of myth and legend that scare us and intrigue us and put it on a audience attracting format; but at the same time you give us something more important.


        Even if the closed-minds of our current media system may yield your vision from reaching a larger audience. It was you who gave us a very wonderful story.


        Thank You Mr. Sullivan. Thank you for sharing
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          Re: New ( sorta )Animation-type screenwriter here...hello!

          Originally posted by beerbeastredux View Post
          Biglips, that is the most tripped-out, awesome idea ever ^-^
          Yeah, I wish I still had a copy of it (though I'm sure the sophmoric prose would be horrifying)... all I have left are the remnants in my drug addled mind!


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            Re: New ( sorta )Animation-type screenwriter here...hello!

            Originally posted by maralyn View Post
            There are basically three "youth" markets: children, tweens, and teens.

            Blood, open wounds, cops, public toilets....

            Yours is geared towards tweens.
            But tweens is not a good area for film. It's more of a TV thing right now, as I have learned the hard way.
            Goonies never say die!


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              Re: New ( sorta )Animation-type screenwriter here...hello!

              Again, I'm not marketing to tweens. I'm marketing to a general audience. To me, tween is a poisonous word that I can only associate with properties like BRATZ, and 99% of the drek you see on the Disney Channel. Where all males are stupid, all teenage girls are brilliant, and characters speak in faux-gangsta ghetto-lite.

              Manga, for the most part...that's marketed towards tween girls, with its heavy romance angle. My work actually falls into the realm of dark comedy. I think because some of the development art is vivid and colorful, people get the wrong idea.