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    Re: Fun and Games - More like Crap and Stupid

    Just out of curiosity...

    Has anyone here used STC to write a script & then gotten a good reaction to that script from industry people? It would be nice to hear some testimonial stories.

    I often read about writers who are currently using STC to write something, but I don't hear so much about how effective Snyder's method is out in the real world.


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      Re: Fun and Games - More like Crap and Stupid

      Somewhere in my archives I have a hard copy of template I downloaded which gives a details on the beats between pages 25-50. In fact, when I read Synder's beat sheet I thought it was a truncated (less useful) version of this older beat outline.

      If I find it I'll type it up again -- the original file was lost in a quite fried PC.
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