Backwoods cannibals and Jesus' DNA



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    Re: Backwoods cannibals and Jesus' DNA

    Originally posted by SBScript View Post
    Would this be a good place for a list of the most common and cliche story concepts that show up in spec scripts?

    I'll start:

    1. A group of people in the woods find themselves at the home of a cannibal and must fight to survive.
    2. Anything having to do with the Shroud of Turin or Jesus' DNA being cloned.
    Are specs with stories about Jesus' DNA really that common?? I never even thought of that one!
    My first crack at a logline usually makes a great synopsis!


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      Re: Backwoods cannibals and Jesus' DNA

      Originally posted by wilsoneads View Post
      ...I found some site that listed the top 10 most cliche things about romantic comedies. I had just written one and was curious to see if I had used any of them. The first or second one was, "The female character has a guy's name." ... .... ... Busted. I was so depressed. Never ever again will I write a female character with a guy's name. In anything.
      I am curious as to what that site is. I would like to know my "score". No, my female character does not have a guy's name.

      But I'll use a cliche' in an instant if I think it works. Or better yet, if someone pays me. In fact, regarding your signature ("I want my two....million dollars!!!")... I'm going to tell them I'll do it for one and a half.
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