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    Yes. Yes. That's real close structurally. The crew knew each other on Love Boat and the people on Fantasy Island knew each other. However, the guests arriving. That's close.


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      Bedroom Farces

      Usually when people are thrown together in a film, the story is about how people are forced to set aside their differences and work together to solve a problem - the story is about the "setting aside differences" part. That usually makes it dramatic.


      There are bedroom farces where a group of people stay at the same hotel and their lives intersect in funny ways. Usually, the people are thrown together at a LOCATION. You could have a comedy about skiing that takes place at a ski lodge or a comedy on board an ocean cruise. (I saw some darned recent comedy on an ocean liner and can't remember what it was - Campbell Scott was in it.) MARRIAGE OF FIGARO and SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT are comedies about people thrown together because of an event (they all go to the same location for the event). You could do a comedy about a wedding - families meeting for the first time, his friends and her friends, etc.

      _ Bill


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        BTW I'm risking getting thrown off the Love Boat and kicked off Fantasy Island with this story. However, if I hit my mark I'll have people laughing at the "other" stereotypes and wondering if they fall into one as they walk out of the theater. Oh well, be all you can be. Let the chips fall where they may


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          Re: Bedroom Farces

          Is it a story about a group of people falling in love or just two people falling in love? Because most rom/coms are about two people who don't know each other who are thrown together by chance (all of Nora Ephron's stuff for example). In those cases the main characters's friends don't know each other and they become the "group" who are thrown together by the fact that their friends are dating each other.

          If you're talking about a group-romp-bed-hopping kind of thing, Bill M is right on the money. Those are usually location based.

          Of course, Temptation Island is the current example of a group of people thrown together with the hope of romance ensuing. Though I think that would work better if they added some action like dropping a bomb on the Island.


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            Thank you, Mr. Martell. That helped unlock some doors.

            "Four Weddings and a Funeral" only in a group came to my mind reading the last portion of your post. I'm working with a different concept, but the structure applies.

            :lol adding action to Temptation Island. That's near the mark as well.

            Appreciate the help everyone. I think I've got what I need, but I don't mean to kill the thread if others want to keep it alive.




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              I may seriously be just plain stupid (very likely), or very tired (again, likely), but I'm not completely getting this thread based on the original question and subsequent responses. I kinda get it though... I think... so with that in mind, I'd recommend renting PLAYING BY HEART. It's an ensemble romcom with dramatic undertones. It's like Altman lite... 5 different romantic stories happening simultaneously which finally wind together in the end. But throughout, the characters meeting each other have no real history together.

              My 2 cents anyway... good luck DS02.


              p.s. 'Hannibal' is out...


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                Re: Suggestion...

                Nope, I think you got it and understood the thread. Thanks. I was just fishing for several examples like have been provided in the last couple of posts. Anyway, it was enough to get me thinking.


                P.S. Thank you Ref. our chat. I'll keep you posted.


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                  Re: Suggestion...

                  Well, Dragon, you seem to have what you need. I was going to mention Big Chill when I was here before but didn't think that was really what you were looking for. Definitely Rohmer and Allen even if that's not exactly what you're looking for. I urge you to give what you're doing a shot even if you can't find any film examples.

                  I've written a multi rom-com, although I'm still not sure that's what it really is. The women all know each other but two of the men are new on the scene. Another very silly one has a minor counterpoint relationship. And people are thrown together in several real but odd for film settings.

                  I love ensemble pieces if that's at all what you're talking about. But then we all know I'm a little weird and out of step.


                  Thanks for the missing me but I haven't really been completely away. Just not at home much, involved in hanging for another committment. When I'm writing it is easy to take breathers and switch to the other computer or take a break from my other work since it's all right here in one big space.

                  Good timing for a broken "writing" computer. I find it difficult to engage in two intense but quite different creative activities at the same time. That's what stopped me the last time I was on a writing roll. Two much drawing from the same source. Had a little break from the other commitment but haven't had time to puruse all but a few threads.


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                    Re: Suggestion...

                    How about O Brother Where Art Thou? The three convicts go on a quest together simply because they're on the same chain.

                    Possible spoiler.....

                    It does end up being a rom of sorts at the end...since the real intent of their quest ends up not being about money but a wife who is about to marry another.


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                      Re: Bedroom Farces

                      "(I saw some darned recent comedy on an ocean liner and can't remember what it was - Campbell Scott was in it.)"

                      THE IMPOSTORS -- Stanley Tucci [who also wrote and directed], Oliver Platt, Campbell Scott, Allison Janney, Lili Taylor, Hope Davis and maybe half a dozen others... one of my favorite recent films. It's more of a screwball comedy than anything else, although there are definitely romantic entanglements.