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    I'm not that successful of a screenwriter, but I have been pretty successful at getting my screenplays read. Here's the boring breakdown of how I choose producers.

    First, I look up movies (on the IMBD) that are similiar to my screenplay or are geared towards the same audience. I check the FULL CAST AND CREW page because it lists the names of the individuals that produced the movie.

    Then I take that list of people and look them up in the HCD to see if their production company is listed. I then write my letter to the creative executive, story editor or development person.

    Hope this helps!


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      I'm from England. Here we have a very large - bible-thick/print - book which catolgues ALL production companies, agents, tips, services. Everything.

      Beneath each Co. Title is the address, contact number and brief list of requirements. Genre, submission procedures, etc. I always contact by telephone. Get hold of a NAME and (if trying to get a spec script represented NOT finding financing) send off a 7/8 page synopsis and covering letter and return postage.

      It's not Research as such as I read up who accepts what, and then i lament this by telephoning.

      May help.


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        Thanks all, for unveiling your secrets to me. I've been trying to find my angle or routine because I haven't been able to do a good job of keeping up with the information that I find and where I get it from. Does anyone subscribe to script or any other publications or internet services to get information?