Ethical responsibilites - real historical events?



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    one damn good thread

    informative, and a lot of table talk, or couch talk or date information - nice stuff.



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      You can't handle the truth

      Anyone worried about the Enigma/Brit thing should hang tight and wait for the Kate Winslet/Dougray Scott flick 'Enigma' out next year, currently filming my side of the pond.

      That should put you Yanks straight.

      A Limey

      PS Cool it, cool it, only kidding on the tone...


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        re: Can't handle the truth.

        By jove! I just love the British humor. I always try and put one in my screenplays. The world could be blowing up around them and they would comment.

        "my word, I believe we are in a bit of a pickle".

        By the way not wanting to change the subject...but what ever happened to StormTurner and the rest of the oldies who signed on when Done Deal started the message board? With all do respect it seems that the comments are lacking that crisp exchange of bombascity (is that a word?) When Dominic came on board he seemed to offer a fresh it seems that he has toned it down.

        Anyway Jamyn, listen if we Americans can help you Brits out in the next War please don't hesitate to call.
        Careful with the word Yanks (ouch!) I'm from the southern U.S.


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          Some people here react to the "crisp interchanges" in a different manner; they perceive it as bellicose (another good "b" word for what you describe). The problem is that every board is like a mixed party; some people come for quiet @#%$tails and pithy interludes, while others offer a wild, foot-stompin', roof-raisin' shindig while passing the old clay jug.

          It's like bringing Pumpinhead to an Addams Family Tea-Party. I have no problem with that, but others do. Maybe a separate thread for the wild hares (that might be viewed elsewhere as "ornery) is in order...?


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            hmmmm - while other people may not like it when you speak for them - meaning (NAMES) on particular threads - they express it - SO

            hold no reservations on using mine.

            What i don't like, is when someone speaks around me - unless it is in public and they need my atteniton pronto.

            Do my eyes say different? Or do some enjoy my unrealistic, mindless, gargon when it is on it's own parallel universe?

            do you what to set up a play pen for me. . . that reads don't feed, talk or look directly at the screen. . . but you can interact - BUT only for awhile.

            nice and tidy -


            If that is possible i'd like that ohh sooo much. . .


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              Re: "Bombastic"...

              Ksk2 I am glad I keep my Webster's handy when I read your posts. Bellicose...warlike or pugnacious? hmmm. interesting choice of word.

              I guess I have been bored to tears lately by the lack of fire and brimestone posts.

              a few beats...

              Sorry I had to take a swig of "White Lightning" otherwise known as battery acid. "Oh @#%$...I can't see"...wait a second...the light is starting to filter through.

              Whew...gotta watch that. Well I gotta go slop the hogs, slap the ol' lady, and pop a top.

              Howdy from down in the delta.


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                bill - gone isssss (60)

                It was a pitch - ROSENBERG wrote it. Boston native and the pitch was: Steal fifety cars in one night or they kill my brother.

                That was it - then he got the job to write it.

                CON AIR - WHAT TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOUR DEAD - 60 - credits in other good movies - AN idea guy.

                Forget about the movie, it was changed.

                The idea is the genius.



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                  Whhoops! Forgot...

                  The descriptive noun form of bombastic is "bombast". Yeah, I know, I know... sounds like a descriptive verb (and is sometimes employed as such, but...).

                  And don't think I'm gonna rip on Southerners and/or Delta folk . Where I come from, no gaytuhs; but many a fellow has been pegged up to meet the justice of a 14-foot croc's teeth (or a King Brown snake...). Too bad there weren't more editors and attorneys in those wetlands...

                  You got tobacco, we got pineapples. Not a big diff... :evil

                  And at least it was White Lightning, not everclear...

                  Dig ya man!


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                    Re: KOSK

                    Well, I'm not trying to speak for you; I only brought you up since gdover mentioned it. The fact is, Dom, I really dig your posts. You have a good head on your shoulders, and I think that many people got distracted by your manner/tone, and didn't look at your content, which I've had no problem with. I've been a vociferous bastardo before; if I disagree, I say so openly (rather than voice it in a chat room, off the board). On most levels, you and I are sympatico. But on many levels, I'm sympatico with others that are your polar opposite; philosophy and passion are not an "either/or" thing. Lil and I banter, but we have a ton in common. And even though I debate others on occasion, it doesn't mean I'm razzing them. Disagreement does not equal combat. Conflict is not combat. I know that you know that.

                    The only thing that sometimes rattles my brain is when you occasionally seem irritated with "highbrow" language or "smart-talk". Because I've looked at the content of your posts, and what could be seen as the intent of your posts, and it is a firm decision in my POV that you yourself are both a very smart and also caring guy. It is quite clear that you have nothing but loyalty and goodwill towards other writers. Which are some of the reasons that I'm gald you're here, bro.

                    Look in the mirror today and smile at yourself, okay?

                    Best, kosk


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                      Re: KOSK

                      You? Me? Things in common? Tell me it ain't so.

                      Ah, Erte -- no wait -- let's not start that again.



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                        Aww, Lil, you know the drill...

                        "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies."

                        But I bet you'd like my paintings more than my posts...

                        You'd LOATHE the comic and cartoon, though...

                        Unless you also dig on Roald Dahl...

                        ........ :evil