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  • The Meaning of Good Coverage

    Hey guys. I'm back after a long hiatus from the board. I just got coverage from William Morris for a script I wrote. From what others tell me, the coverage is very, very good, despite some suggestions for changing the ending. I am trying to figure out exactly what getting good coverage means for me and my future as a writer. I've been told that I am "on file" with good coverage at WM, which means that anything I send them in the future will be read. I'm not sure that that amounts to anything. I have also been told that I should edit the screenplay to correct weaknesses that the reader saw in the script and then resubmit the script - preferably to the same reader (who, in the initial coverage wrote that, with modification, the script would be "heartily recommendable material") in the hopes that they will choose to represent it. What do you guys think?

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    Good coverage means you have a foot in the door to many others that can be opened to you.

    I received good coverage for one of my action scripts and from there word got around - I had four more producers calling up my agent for a read and one producer has me on file for script writing.

    Someone has noticed you - you are one step closer to being repped by a powerhouse in the industry and the script might already "doing the rounds"


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      I think you should pat yourself on the back

      No matter what. The % of people that have struggled to get that far, versus the amount of those whom achieve what you've done, speaks volumes. I know someone who grew up in LA, the child of a beloved "Big-Fish", who has tried for 5 years to be where you are and not managed it. I sincerely believe that what you listed is a very clear indication of merit.

      Heartfelt congratulations...


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        For the record . . .

        I am the original Teris on this board. I first came here many, many moons ago before we had to register to post. Then we had to sign up. I registered as Teris, but soon thereafter (like a moron) lost my password. Hence the name Teris1. Apparently, others have posted with variations on the Teris theme - Teris0, etc. I am not them, they are not me.

        Thanks for the replies above and the congratulations. I will keep you guys posted as to my progress (or lack thereof). Thanks again.


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          Re: For the record . . .

          Teris, congratulations. I think all you have to do is rewrite a couple of times and submit it to the same reader. He obviously likes your style. Then you're in at WMA. You'll be sh!tting in high cotton, boy. Z