Is Outline the most important thing?



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  • Is Outline the most important thing?

    My teacher says I need the outline to get the story.But every time I try blank page.This is the funny part I can write short stories about my Character,one page a day.So I am hoping to find the story,by writing short story.It is not because I want to go against my Teacher,I know I have alot to learn.And want I learn the most,is a writer must write something.What do you think,any tip?

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    Some people outline. Some people don't.

    Outlines are not the most important thing.

    The script, the book, the play, the song, the story -- those are the most important thing.

    An outline is merely one of different ways to achieve those. And if it is getting in your way, then it has stopped being effective. But --

    Teachers are supposed to show you different ways to do things. To say outlining is the only way is wrong. To say you should try outlining to know what it is, isn't.


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      Thank you, I hate outline,but coming up with a short story is great for me.


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        my tupenny input

        outlines? don't like them but notes i can't live without

        the two MOST important things in my book are:

        1. know the beginning
        B. know the end

        then the rest is filling in the blanks