Super Impose or Sub Title ?? Plz help.



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  • Super Impose or Sub Title ?? Plz help.

    Hey everyone.
    I want it to say 1 Month Later but i aint sure if its Superimpose or Sub Title ????
    Which one is it and can someone give me an example thx.

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    SUPER: One Month Later

    Billy and Monica stroll, hand in hand. . . .


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      even before I clicked on I knew gig was the first person to post.

      is teige your pet project? teige my friend LINKS - go LOSE yourself for a while - and girly, told you i'd be following you around.

      nice post, answered his question quick like.



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        ohh, forgot to help

        try TITLE CARD: but use caution teige. . .



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          Wat u saying

          Wat u saying Domonic.
          You saying we have got something going or u saying im a dumbass or wat is it.


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            what i'm sayin' IS. . .

            don't use superimpose becasue a girl said it - you get
            cooodiiiiss from them. . .

            use either TITLE CARD OR SUPER I use title card.

            that's what I'm sayin' - if you translate that as you being less than weighed down in the smarts department then that is a personally thing with you and your families genes.



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              Time out!

              Sorry, just to interject here...

              Is there a huge different between SUPER and TITLE CARD? I previously used CAP: as in Caption:

              Is there now another facet to this hellish existance I have immersed myself in!! No... Why couldn't I get involved in something less complicated like industrial espionage or bee keeping?

              So are SUPER, TITLE CARD & CAP are the same thing?

              See ya, Crowfeeder.


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                Re: Time out!

                can't remember the last time i saw CAP. super is around and used so is title.


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                  Re: Time out!

                  Well you use "CAP" for comics, but I have never seen it in a film script.


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                    Re: Time out!

                    Hi GIG

                    ...I did mispend my youth drawing comics, proof that old habits die hard...



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                      There IS a difference

                      SUPER: "One Month Later", means that that title is SUPERimposed over a shot. SUPER stands for Superimposed.

                      They way I've seen it is this:
                      TITLE CARD: Over black the words "One Month Later", fade in and out.
                      TITLE CARD: "One Month Later"


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                        What's wrong with?

                        Sally rides away on her bike.

                        ONE MONTH LATER

                        EXT. STREET - DAY

                        (Letting the director decide how to suggest the passage of time.)


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                          Re: What's wrong with?

                          There's nothing wrong with what you wrote lilybet, but if it is necessary for the TONE of the script you should describe how the title is seen. If you have a big dramatic event and then just put "One Month Later" it doesn't have the same feeling as describing that transistion in my opinion. It comes down to the schools of thought on how much description is too much and ALL the great scripts I've read have quite a dose of visual style in them. You can SEE the film as you're reading it.

                          What you've written would be included in the SLUG line anyway, not by itself on a line.

                          EXT. STREET - DAY - ONE MONTH LATER

                          but as I said this slug simply is a jump in time transition for the reader, there is no assumed FADE TO BLACK and FADE UP again, which is also something I forgot to mention, those transitions should be in there.



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                            Again (shudder) agreeing with Lil

                            Tons of people have advocated "letting the director decide". Also, it's possible to construct a scene to show the passage of time rather than tell (or type) it.

                            SUPERS and VO's shouldn't be necessary.

                            As for Crowfeeder: your youth drawing comics was only mispent if you never tried to get the work published (wink!). One good gig (as opposed to "Gig") can often lead to the strangest of contacts, and maybe even some nice printed words by Stephen King...


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                              Re: Again (shudder) agreeing with Lil

                              ksk, what are you saying there? That the use of Voice Over is never necessary, or does VO stand for something I'm not familair with?