Super Impose or Sub Title ?? Plz help.



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    Re: There IS a difference

    thank you peach, the difference is in tone and texture, couldn't agree more. but lets not confuse the questionaire to much water in the boat will capsize it.



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      Peach and Dom

      Peach: I was referring to Voice Overs. But as I've said before, voice overs rely on the Director of Photography, the actor in question and the guy in the edit-bay. Also can be screwed up by a bad choice in incedental music. The more parts to a machine, the greater the likelihood of a breakdown.

      In a certain classic film that starts with the narrator floating butt-up, dead in a swimming-pool, fine. Because of the plot and genre of the flick. But there is no way to know if voice over helps/harms a script until we know mor about the genre, etc. IMO (and only in my own opinion) I think the VO in Bladerunner was vapid. All passage of time, all things that the VO hammered out, were aptly covered by the quality of the script, directing and acting. Didn't hurt that the script came from an extraordinarily well-written novel, either.

      Not buggin' on anyone, just think that if people could make wildy successful silent movies, they can (in the proper circumstances) take one tiny day for a re-write that eliminates the need for "tricks".


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        Dominic Riggio...

        You SMOKE a kind batch of the SENSES lately... and when did you get the spellchecker? Still gots a little problem with know and now and 's...

        Okay - put the tire iron down -

        Admiring your growth from afar... Billy Madison on the message board.

        Peace - Benny


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          I shall grow until legend endures. . .

          hail me.



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            Re: I shall grow until legend endures. . .

            Hopefully you mean your own Legend, not that piece of trifle-crap with Cruise-Boy...

            Your Legend I can deal with. Tom can go suck it up from the Dianetics people.