How do u do this ? Please help



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  • How do u do this ? Please help

    How do u do a Background Scene like i know its BG but how do u do that into a script. ????

    How do u do people talking to each other whilst the Tv is going and the Tv person is talking. ????

    Could u plz help thx

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    Teige, you have to download some scripts and read them. Really. Seriously. Drew's Script O'Rama. Just go to Yahoo, hit "advanced" on the search function, then hit "exact-phrase", then type in Drew'a site, and go there.

    Find a script that you remember having the scene you need, and READ it. If you can find THIS site, and can read these posts, you can find Drew's, and read a script from there that can help you.

    If you don't, you may not like some of the other replies you get to this. It's like your first bike. The training wheels gotta come off sometime. This is now "sometime."

    Best, koss


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      I know that its just that i cant think of a scene wat has slowmo and also with Flash Backs there is The Big Hit but no one has got that script as for the TV i cant think of any movies when that happens so can anyone help me with Movies what have those scenes ?


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        Read a book, take a class, watch film. THINK LINEAR, advance to the climax that you've shown must come from the outset of your story. Your scenes should do all of what I've stated above, advance, move forward, attack, ATTACK!
        Don't try to make it simpler, keep it simple.

        Roxanne Battle, Hollywood


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          No camera/shot direction

          Slow-motion: There's little point in worrying about this one, because the director of a script is gonna shoot it the way that they want anyway. They will look at your script as a suggestive guide, not gospel. If writers aren't meant to include "pan down the row of warriors", they aren't meant to add "slow motion sequence".

          As for Flasbacks, get the script for Ravenous; the film used them sparingly but well.


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            Just visualize the action in your head and then describe it.

            Bob and Janet are eating dinner. The TV is on in the background.
            Bob: This tastes really salty.
            Janet: Mine doesn't
            Bob: Mine does. Taste it.
            Newcaster (O.S.): And in breaking news, America just blew up.
            Janet: Doesn't taste salty to me.
            Bob: Well it is.

            And understand that people are being harsh with you because they want you to learn. Don't be discouraged. Take it as tough love, keep your passion for writing and develop a passion for learning your craft.