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  • saving work from mmagic2000 demo

    ok, like a fool i wrote twenty pages in the moviemagic 2000 demo... decided to save my money and just keep with the word templates for now BUT of course i canna' export the work.

    i seem to remember stumbling across another demo of something or another that would open and read and subsequently save work done in the .scw or .stw format but can't remember what it was or where i saw it.

    any ideas? of course it is not the end of the world - i can just retype, but being a lazy batard i don't wanna


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    Can you highlite the whole thing in the demo and hit Control C. Then go into Word and in a new document hit Control V. Maybe it will drop in there. The format may be off some - but atleast it's there.

    I move stuff from Scriptware to Word like that all the time, but then my scriptware isn't a demo.

    That's my only suggestion - good luck - I wouldn't want to retype 20 pages either! I don't like retyping one!



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      Ah, computers

      Although I'm computer illiterate, I did have one earlier than many folk. To me it was a fancy typing machine with the incredible ability to correct my mistakes and move stuff around, eliminating the endless running it through the typewriter again. But one of my most frustrating nights was when I had prepared a brilliant proposal to be presented the next morning. I spent hours trying to get my recalcitrant printer to work, finally I hand copied the whole thing from the computer screen.

      I can't decide whether we are better off or if my life would have been drastically changed if I had had accesss as a kid.



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        Re: Ah, computers

        Lily - next time your printer konks out, copy the file to a floppy disk and take it to Kinko's to print out on one of their computers.


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          Re: Ah, computers

          Oh, thanks, Sweet Bill, but I graduated to more advanced obsolete equipment a while ago. Way back then, there wasn't time. Had to make big impression before the copy places opened.

          By the way, I keep getting the giggles about the seven reams of paper of things to read later, even though you did exaggerate.



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            Re: Ah, computers

            well, i am not what you would call computer illiterate - it is what i do (now planning, but an ex-techie)

            nope, the cut&paste is disabled - it gives you an irritating little message instead

            methinks i have to bite the proverbial bullet and retype... but damn, i KNOW there was a prog i saw (demo again i believe) that did import and would allow saves.

            daniel <-- computer literate but still longing for a kindler gentler Word


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              got my text! - update

              installed the 'snagit' utility -- will grab graphics OR text from the windows screen
              since i use a very high res mode on a large screen it only took about 20 captures to cut and paste my work into word - formatting mostly okay but some extra spaces and lines to delete tho' still a lot less work than retyping
              so i am a happy camper - just thought i'd let y'all know


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                Older version?

                Do you have an older version of Movie Magic Screenwriter ('96--which was latest before the '00 came out)? I use the '96 version and haven't decided if I want to purchase the upgrade because there's not much difference. If you don't have an older version and you're just trying to import it into a word document, you may need to change the file "type" when opening it from the .scw extension to the .rtf extension (rich text format) or to DOS Text or to ASCII TEXT--this one works for me (whichever works for you, but usually in that order). The .rtf extension is how most folks upload/download their scripts when requested to do so over the net. Usually the .rtf is compatible with any software program but sometimes codes/program features are lost, but what the least you might have it. Usually, if I'm asked to send a script over the net, I open it up in Movie Magic, "save as" an .rtf file, then go to that file and FIX the problems before I send it. That way, the party at the other end has a correct-looking copy.

                Now, if you're using an older version, open your older version and select the file you want to open regardless of what file extension it has, and the older version should import without a hitch, but when you CLOSE, you'll need to CHANGE the file extension to .scw (c:\ scwriter\scripts\SCRIPT NAME.scw) in order for it to be saved as a screenplay system's file...this changes the file type and the program used to open it.

                I hope I haven't confused you (I sure as hell confuse myself sometimes!). At any rate, good luck--hope you don't have to retype it!