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    Last night my husband read to me the logline from a movie on cable. It said something to the effect of, "Screenwriter takes on the role of the serial killer in his script"

    I laughed and said, "Must be Meltdown's movie!"



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      Salma porks out?

      Hang em,

      If you're one of those guys who thinks that Salma Hayek looks perfect at 121 but porky at 127, then you can't share my portal. The next thing you'll be telling me is that Bernadette Peters needs to drop a few. (Years maybe, I give you that.)

      Your pal,

      P.S. I'm thinking of Jennifer Tilly to play Salma Hayek in the movie...too much of a stretch?


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        Re: Salma porks out?

        Boys, Selma asked me to inform you that she only considers Grade A Prime from head to toe. So, check it out in the mirror and if you can't pass muster, your portal will be walled off. Now, that's realism.



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          The fact that Sophia Loren during her '50's/at her "healthiest", or Suzanne Pleshette in Support Your Local Gunwhatever, could completely "out-woman", "out-entice", "out-flirt" and (acting-wise) "out-do" Salma (or any other "modern") is a true statement of reality.

          Then again, I still remember wishing that the Frazetta girl was "real", and lived nearby, so I could give her a Valentine's Day Card. (Not just to piss Boris Vallejo off, either).

          Wonder if anyone under 30 will get that last ref...

          All hails and cheers to the "hourglasses" and Big Brains! (dare I mention Anna Magnani?), kosk


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            To lily and couch

            couch, no 127 hayek is fine, heck 135 is fine but she was pushing 150 in the movie with matthew Perry.

            She was in sweatpants the entire movie and she looked larger than the ten pounds the camera tacks on.

            And lily, I'm good like that, nobodies 100 percent the real deal, but god shined on me. . . so if I ever sell a couple scripts I'd toss the mexican bombshell around a couple times and hand her in for a new model.

            yes, it is true, I may think to highly of myself, but only when I sniff airplane glue.



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              Some parts Grade A Prime, some parts Grade B Choice, but the parts that are Grade A make up for the parts that are Grade B. And I recently trimmed 10 pounds for my tryout for the next version of Survivor. However, I discovered today that I will not be going to the Outback, so it's time to put those 10 pounds back on.

              Your pal, and Salma's (at any movie weight, even 'Fools Rush In'),


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                Only a 'fool would rush in to that portal', when she's got the spareribs in one hand and the cheesecake in the other.

                I like em' long, thin and breasty and smart with no teeth.

                hillbilly hang em'


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                  mmmMMMMMmmmm, realism, riiiiiight. This is why all the darlings of the telly world are skinny waifs with big eyes and "pretty" faces, and the only "big" girls are losers. Hunh. Someday the media will catch up with the fact that the average lady these days is a curvy Marilyn Monroe/Sophia-type girl... Marilyn had back. Yum! Though Sophia is my fave...

                  Okay, backing off the "body" bits, realism is sadly lacking in too many areas, esPECially costuming and medieval weapons/armour. That'll turn me off a good movie reeeeal fast, especially when it truly does NOT take a whole lotta effort to reseach either of those things. A damn good example of realism is the Fox version of "Robin Hood". Accurate clothing, weapons, class portrayals: everyone looked pretty grungy and they all only had one change of clothes each. Welcome to the real middle ages Yeah, so, I'm a stickler for costumes and weapons, I'll admit I don't know bubkes about modern weaponry and would be put to the test if I had to write in some guns. When this happens, I'll RESEARCH, promise! I hate looking the fool in such things, so I'll look through books for hours...


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                    and adding to the realism bits: I'm currently off to the Bay to check out boats/ships, seals/seal lions, houses, and soak up the general ocean-y atmosphere. Also, I gotta find out where to research shipping lines in the 1800's, particularly San Franscisco during the Gold Rush... Have NO idea where to start with shipping lanes/routes, but I'm sure I'll find some info... <grin>