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    Re: Butt-in

    Real - Cornell?


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      I lost my focus!

      I haven't sat down to write for a couple of days - 3 actually. I've been cleaning my house. Yes, cleaning for three days.

      I live with a husband, 3 kids, 3 grown basset hounds, 2 puppy basset hounds (anybody want one?), 1 english border dog and 2 cats. My house had become a dog pen! Granted all of these animals aren't in the house all the time, but they do kind of come and go - or they did, til I kicked them all out three days ago!

      So, I get home from church today and I am going to sit down and write. I want to get moving on my 2nd screenplay. BUT NOOOOO - my stomach gets sick and I spend the next two hours on the sofa, popping Zantac in hopes that anything will help.

      I get up and I feel great. I start writing. I'm on a roll. The story is taking shape - the characters are there - they are alive - they are taking over. Then BAM! I lose it - just like that. I get about twenty-five pages into it and then I get stuck because I can't think of how to make something work.

      Maybe that's my clue to stop.

      Maybe I'll just go to bed.




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        Real - Hang 'em.


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          I've lost my focus!

          Tina, you sound a little overworked. Been there--done that. Maybe a good night's sleep IS what you need to get the creative juices flowing again...works for me. And, as you sleep, your subconscious will be working on that script!

          And, you'll rise tomorrow and do it all over again! The dusting, the sweeping, the dishes, the dogs, the cat, the script....

          Have a good night.


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            Re: Kosk - tell

            I just finished "telling" in One on One, because that's what "this" is about. That's for you, Hang.

            For others? Since One on One is ABOUT that (2 people from "here" shooting at the 8-ball despite "a lotta green"), I'd reeeeeeespectfully appreciate a lack of interruption from those who haven't read the piece in question. Since that's been a "message-board-bitching-ground" beforehand.

            Wanna bitch? Request the script. Hang will send it.

            With that, I have to get back to (unfortunately) reprising my days trodding boards. Damn those menthols.

            Best to all, kosk


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              Cornell I have this mental image

              of you and it is not a brick Ivy league building.

              (A giant smile)and it's not X rated either. But it's not
              Pg; but it could very well be R, but my version of R
              is tasteful but tart.

              ohh my god, I can't believe I haven't edited that yet.

              hang em'


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                Staying focused.

                Hang 'em, now, now...I'll never tell what kind of building I am. We don't "tell" from the White House. Besides, this IS a PG board. BEHAve. Here, have another granny smith....

                Onward writers!


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                  Re: Buildings

                  I always imagined myself as a reeeeeally nice castle with well defined buttresses and huge tracts of land...


                  Sorry. Got carried away... back to "zoning" (and a Red Delicious for me, please) :lol

                  DoL/Swan Girl


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                    Late again

                    Uh hunh - leave it to the engineer to be slow on the uptake on a thread... ( and for my next trick)

                    I find I'm in the zone when dialogue flows between the characters - writing slugs comes easy - the dialogue chews me up.

                    I find that I'll try speak the dialogue out loud several times when I'm stuck (when I'm really stuck I wander around going on like a blathering idiot) - hash out the wording - tone, etc. to get me in the zone - when it clicks it flows onto the page.

                    Spend part of saturday wearing a track in the carpert trying to get a few lines in place - when they hit the page I had four pages done in 10 minutes.