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  • How much does the public suspend belief...

    .. i.e.: what do you feel the market is for fantastic/fantasy stories. Not modern-techno fantasy like the Matrix (which I dug), but stuff in the supernatural world, *beyond* ghosts. Things based in myth but spilling into "real-world mundania", like Charles deLint does with his novels (take all the denizens of Celtic myth & lore and dump 'em in "our" world). As a writer new to the screenplay/script world, I worry a *lot* about whether my ideas/imaginings are faaaaaar too "weird" for the everyday Joe Moviegoer. Most of my previous work has been adult "faerie tales", most of my inspiration coming from deLint, Pamela Dean, Midori Snyder, etc. But how well can that cross into movies? Is there any market for that at all? I mean a good auld-fashioned faerie tale with plenty of scary bits -- whoever said faeries were all fluff and light were "eedjits" - a touch of modern horror, some fantastic unexplainable phenomenon and... <??> Something that reaches out to everyone, into the soul, and drags out that wondrous faerie belief from childhood, never forgotten...? And makes you say, "yeah, I DO still clap my hands and dont let my feet trail over the edge o' the bed, and stay clear of willow trees and old oaks....."

    Sorry to ramble on as an introductory message,


    Daughter of Lir
    aka Swan Girl

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    How much...

    Swan Girl -

    Ever hear the story about Alan Ball? He wrote a screenplay you may have heard of, "American Beauty"? Yeah, you've heard of it. Turns out he thought it would be "wierd" if he changed the ending - if you haven't seen it, STOP READING - to the Col. shooting Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) instead of Burnham's daughter, Jane and her boyfriend Ricky. My point? He went with instinct and won a freakin' Oscar for it. You never know where your imagination takes you, that is the wonderful thing about being a writer. You do it because you love it, because you have a vivid imagination, not because of what American culture may or may not embrace.

    As for the super-natural and beyond ghosts, look at the recent release of The Cell (WOW!)...Have not seen it but a friend of mine said it was so different, so odd, he had nightmares...still does.

    Best of luck to you. Let your imagination run...



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      Re: How much...

      Swan Girl,

      If you've been lurking before posting, you already know this, if not, you are about to meet your soul mate on this board. He will appear.



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        Re: How much...

        huh? you lost me Lily-dear... And I just "signed on" tonight...


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          Re: How much...

          thanks for the vote of confidence. I just meant more like faery tales than the cool psyber stuff they have out these days... When the Fae walks down your street and into your neighbourhood cafe, or when they're teaching at your local college (see Pamela Dean's "Tam Lin"). Yes, it makes *wonderful* reading, but would people pay money to go to the movie? I dont know anything about "the market", and my opinion is warped, because I dont like what "most people like", you know? I know I'm a decent writer (not boasting, honest!) but are my ideas meant to stay as fantasy novels, or can they be flicks? Sorry, newbie girl is a leeeeetle scared by this new film world, but dying to find out if she can do it. Any suggestions from "the wise and experienced" on where's a good place to start? Do I just dive into a full-length screenplay, do I try a short...?

          the verbose Swan Maiden...


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            Re: How much...

            I guess you haven't been lurking. If you aren't his feminine alter, stay close, he will come. Welcome and you are in for a surprise treat. Maybe you will even understand everything he says, which most of us have some difficulty with. Jump in, write what you want, who knows.



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              Re: How much...

              Curiousity severly piqued... what, is there some faerie lad out there? :lol I'll have to wonder, I reckon. Anyway, back to topic... Other folks out there have ideas on where I should head with this whole thang...?

              swilling Guinness and picking over shamrocks...


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                Re: How much...

                Write what you love, Daughter of Lir, write what you love...I think your genre of choice is quite intriguing, to say the least...I would readily assume that others may feel the same way.

                And no, I'm not the one dear Lil was referring to as your "soul mate", though I suspect he may make an appearance before too much time passes.

                Raising my ale to ya (no Guinness tonight... )


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                  Re: cojones...

                  So I grabbed mine in fictional hand, and went beyond the brainstorming and notes phase and putting it off, and plunged in and started writing the beginning of the script... and it works! Whoo-hoo. Sorry if I sould a little childish, am just so excited that this *can* work, and I *can* make it something that could theoretically "sell". Wow. Its all about blending in suspense and scary stuff... (grinning) :rollin There's hope after all. I'll try & calm myself now and go back to serious discussion. This SO calls for another Guiness!

                  As a newbie, can you recommend any threads here or other websites for new folks to get insight on how to start pitching their wares, where one should begin, etc? It'll be awhile, but I like planning ahead. Also -- this is probably a foolish question -- is there a page limit one should shoot for...?

                  Not as young as I sound, just inexperienced in this field...


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                    yo: lpenny: american beauty SPOILER

                    ambeaut never had rickie and jane doing the killing - only being charged and, if i remember correctly, convicted for the murder
                    the colonel is shown (in the original script) wearing, removing and tossing a blood-splattered tshirt - he was always the killer
                    as for alan ball making the changes, i'm not so sure about that - the process for a change of that nature is usually not the writer's choice - certainly not his idea to start with


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                      Re: yo: lpenny: american beauty SPOILER

                      According to the article I read, The director made the changes against Alan's wishes, but after seeing the new ending Alan changed his mind and agreed it was better. The other change made was that Lester actually went through with his desires in the script, but not in the movie.


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                        Re: How much...

                        Ohhhh by the way, LIR, seems to have a spelling problem, where is the SPELLING GESTAPO, come on (psyber), please, if I wrote that it would take me weeks to show my face around these parts.

                        Be fair and equal in the distribuition of helpful hints.

                        A man and wife are in their house, they are agrueing, one of them is right, the other isin't.

                        Which one has the wrong POV?


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                          Re: How much...

                          Hang Em: And my disclaimer NOW will be: I write/spell how I want -- this IS just the Internet. I am an English major, and have excellent spelling, thankyewverymuch, I just dont give a rats a#$ when I'm busy communicating thoughts and ideas on a MESSAGE BOARD, as opposed to a screenplay or manuscript or other professional work. So hack away at my spelling "errors", while I happily write in my personal "slang". Its not lack of intelligence, its merely the way I "talk"... Not being combative, just letting folks know my particular brand o' slang. If it bothers you *that* much, I'll make sure I spell-check posts...


                          Thanks for input so far, all.


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                            Re: How much...

                            I agree 100% and you have reiterated my arguement, or lack of it. I have often been ridiculed on my slang, as you've called it. I merely used you to spray my thoughts back out to the flock - thank you.

                            Dominic Riggio


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                              Re: verbosity, slang, and lettin' it go...

                              Ah, then thanks, Hang Em. <grin> Maybe they're just being nice 'cos I'm new ... nah, they just haven't noticed yet. heh. Seriously, though, I think we need -- in this forum/medium -- to worry less about how we're saying things, and more about what we're saying... Not that spelling and grammar isnt important (though bad grammar will tick me off more than spelling), its just that we're sharing ideas and such here, and it *is* a casual sounding board/sharing of info & advice, no? Not encouraging slacking off, just don't wanna get reamed because I didnt put an apostrophe in "dont" or used "gonna, dunno, yers (yours)" etc...

                              Anyhoo, back on topic...