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    Thank you, Bill...

    Acccording to an interview that I read with Alan Ball, the ending - at one point - was with Jane and Ricky killing Lester. After considering, it was changed with Alan Ball's approval, persuasion by Sam Mendes, to have the Col. kill Lester. Perhaps I have the wrong information but Alan Ball was quoted...

    I hope I did not spoil your fun, steve.



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      Your Mission Should You Decide To...


      You have a specific genre you are writing in, so your mission is to research that genre on film. Find out what films have been made in the past, how well they did financially - all of this information is available at IMDB.

      I don't know the answer for YOUR genre because I'm too busy keeping up with MY genre.

      They are making the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy (not our world, their's). There are plans to make one of Roger Zelazny's AMBER novels (our world, but no gnomes - just back-stabbing princes). And the PERN novels are coming to TV (at least the first one is). That's all I know... but there's much more than can be known.

      This post will self destruct in ten seconds.

      - Bill


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        Re: Your Mission Should You Decide To...

        Well movies mix fantasy and reality plenty and do fine, Jurassic Park is not exactly grounded in reality, I think.

        Fantasy has been problematic for Hollywood, though. They made a dragon movie a while back that crashed bad, and that set the genre back where film is concerned. Which doesn't mean it can't be done. Just means, there have been expensive crashes in the fantasy genre and that makes the powers that be nervous. That is largely due, I think, to people in executive offices not understanding the genre or its fan base. There have been some pretty expensive crashes in sf too, for the same reasons, but sf is getting its feet under it and they've stopped blaming the genre and started blaming the projects because enough of them are getting made the difference shows.

        With fantasy, you don't have that film base yet, so it is a harder sell and they tend to rely on highly popular published works as sources for movies in the genre. There's not much of a TV base, either, to demonstrate that the genre has mass appeal. Although it does. They just haven't figured out how to tap it yet.

        That is my perspective, anyway.

        For some pretty good and comprehensive reading on the business you might hit and read the archives.


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          Re: Your Mission Should You Decide To...

          Good Point Bill, but the impression I got from the thread's inception was a question of new material, not liscenced product. Genre doesn't matter in the face of the dif between the pre-said 2; people are gonna pick up something previously-published and delightfully-feduciary from Caleb Carr before they look at original material that's *similar* /in the same vein/unpublished from an "unpublished". In other words, there's a big dif between doing what the elder Henson (God rest his soul) did with Dark Crystal, and having the pull to seduce Anne McCaffrey's agent. Pern has legions of fans; Dark Crystal was a dark horse. Would Henson have pulled it off/got it optioned as a struggling/unsold screenwriter?

          Some genres rely more on creds than others. I doubt that Prince of Egypt/Schindler's List would have gotten any attention before Duel or Jaws.

          No writer decides upon the cast/directors that lead to the final version/opinion of their work. Meaning...

          If one writes the next Legend, they wasted paper, ink and postage.

          If they take the material from *real* myth/fantasy/history (not fantasy novels recreating the wheel) as James Cameron did with sci-fi, they're gonna have to think hard about what type of mansion you're gonna buy and where to send the developers.

          But still, despite genre, the "talent involved" can slice throats or sanctify. Anytime someone casts Sting in Dune or a Frankenstein "saga", folks are gonna sadly shake their heads.

          Just imagine Matthew MacConno-whatzit playing Will Wallace instead of Mel... Braveheart would've tanked.

          Imagine Doris Day in The Birds rather than Tippi. (Rather effin' funny, point of fact...)

          How about Faruiza Balk in Contact instead of Jodie? (now THERE'S some MST3K material...)

          Then again, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes got a sequel that was played on a premium channel while many "serious scripts" never got past the readers... That's life (and tomato-based salsa). Go figure.

          May Joe Bob Briggs take over HBO, kosk


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            Re: How much...

            you want to be taken seriously is what is at stake... those serious about their craft write correctly - slang and the use thereof is one thing, careless misspelling (esp. when carried over into scripts HANG) is another thing altogether

            i'm gonna use slang like gonna 'cuz i feel like it - but i will spell gonna with 2 n's everytime

            and hang... fyi, i have not commented on this new poster because my first assumption is that all new posters are you or another multi-zoned personality. when i determine maybe they are real i deal with them seriously. i am sure your antics have ruined this for people on the board for a while to come.


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              Oh, Steeves, oh, please, the very small bitchy part of me has been dying for you to do what I was expecting you to do. You only gave a hint. And I think you would be fair, despite your irritation. Tell, tell, tell, only fair if someone would be fool enough, after yada yada, to sent you a script. If it's brilliant that would be interesting, too.



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                It's Not Spelling

                You know how you get into a fight sometimes with the person you love over leaving the cap off the toothpaste? Is that fight ever really about toothpaste?

                I think it's the same thing with spelling around here.

                - Bill (can't spell, but I try to... also, my keyboard needs to be replaced because the E sticks sometimes.)


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                  Re: It's Not Spelling

                  Ah, Meester Martell, the voice of reason. This time I don't buy it. It is about the toothpaste cap, and the toilet seat and the setting on the thermostat. Constant trivial irritations do cause problems. The problems don't cause the trivial irritations.

                  The whole issue of spelling only arose because of the multiples and trying to identify what the hell was going on. I, among others, have admitted to having days of being able to spell and days of not being able to spell. I don't use spell check on this board but do on my work, I still constantly find errors. I have never called anyone on spelling nor have they me, with the exception of the commonality of our main and auxillary game players. And part of that was the consistency of bizarre misspellings, atypical and not a common typo. Not to mention the odd glitches in syntax, incompletions of thought and the frequent -- I'm following, I'm following --huh?

                  I still say, this is a writer's board, we should try for clarity, even though it is casual, typed conversation. I haven't noticed your posts lacking clarity and thank you again for sharing your quite clear and generous advice.



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                    bill: my fffffffffffffffffff key seems to stick!

                    i am not the board police and don't wanna be the board police... god, the slant and slainte toast from this new 'daughter' person/poster generated the first thought "hmmm... does kskie have an alter-ego now?" and i dinna ken that that would have been the first thought a couple of months back

                    spelling i can live with it - disjointed thoughts and warped analogies without meaning i am learning to ignore - posters who post things of no value to me i also ignore

                    and lil, are you asking me to comment on hang's script? can't do that, wouldn't be fair... tho his, strike that, *their* emails to me i could comment on (and maybe submit for pyschological evaluation)

                    i just wanna write - and i wanna and will stop bitching.
                    if i don't like what i read i will ignore it - only if the spirit of the subject is writing and i disagree with the message will i bother to post counter thoughts.

                    on-board personalities, well, more fodder for the writing i suppose


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                      Re: bill: my fffffffffffffffffff key seems to stick!


                      Respect that, and actually, despite my eager bitchy expectations, somehow suspected you might be honorable, despite the provacative circumstances. My respect grows. But hell, if you want to share demented E-mails, I will enjoy and be grateful that I wasn't the recipient.



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                        btw - i only mentioned spelling

                        in relation to hang's script in the above post since time and again he told us how spelling was not important on the board but in his scripts it was all taken care of

                        as for the emails, i have received correspondence from both dominic riggio (who i think is supposed to be benny deltone)
                        and hangemhigh
                        "they" claim to be brothers, one writing and the other marketing and production oriented - still haven't re-read the emails enough to figure out which is supposed to be which hang claims that dominic stole his email address (or was that vice versa)
                        benny claims that he was tossed from this board

                        latest email came from benny email address claiming to be dominic and stating that "i was not benny my brother was" and that hang & dominic are the same guy

                        it is all too irritating to bother... or to bother going beyond page 20 of the script so i do that "wash my hands" thing of this/those/that guy/guys 'cuz it ain't worth the effort

                        --edit addition--
                        you know, i think i figured him out now... he wants me to fall for his multiple personalities so that he can have a laugh and, in his own mind, prove a point. not gonna happen. and if someday this guy is famous and powerful, sure, i've burnt a bridge... but then again i don't think i'd ever want to work with the hypocritical oliver stone either

                        ciao babies


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                          A wee bit cranky tonight?

                          Sorry, Steeves. Lir/Swannee isn't any alter of mine. She's someone I've known in real life since before I came to this board (in fact, she learned about this place from yours truly).

                          Although, in many ways, we are 2 peas in a pod. More on that I'll not say (and wish no questions to be asked about). But Lil gets the cyber-prize for observation-prowess.

                          I haven't used any alters on this board. I don't have the time, or understand the inclination. I mouth off enough using the "kosk" handle; not much time is left to d!ck around with pseudonyms. In fact, after dealing with cross-promotion for the comic, painting BG's/props and drawing over 200 frames for the toon, and setting up ANOTHER illustration gig, I don't have much spare time at all. Especially not for bitching about spelling or alters. And I've seen to much of my name on the net anyway. Just ask Pteranodon or Cineman.

                          Altars, on the other hand, might be an interesting topic. At least it would have something to do with this thread.

                          Time to stick some laughing gas in those oxy-tanks...?

                          And BTW, Slainte is as common for some people as "Cheers", "to your health" or "salud" are to others. Not everyone was raised in America or Canada.

                          Sleep well.


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                            sleep? it's 2pm!!!

                            ksk m'boy - never said i felt you were the same - merely that due to the trust-destructive nature of the postings of others the thought could arise... i should have said that it was also extinguished, so i do apologise to both of you!

                            btw and fwiw, the tanks are air not oxygen... air like you are breathing right now (tho' i do use enriched air - extra o2 and therefore less n2 much of the time)

                            peace, babies


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                              STEEVS you are starting to irratate me

                              you can make any comment on my script you feel is subjective to what you read. I have no fears with
                              you, or anyone else.

                              Again, let's get this straight, I have a twin brother he's in boston I am some where else. I am, Dominic, Sonny, Larry and hang em. He used my e - mail to log on as Benny Deltone, cause that is one of the characters in one of our scripts.

                              my E MAIL is BENNYDELTONE, he used that name to log on at DONE DEAL. I wondered why he was not writing as much, so, when I went to Boston I found out that he was writing on a message board. So I logged on as Dominic to blast Benny, because he was not writing. When you write on this board it takes away from the actually time you write.

                              Then when Dominic could not tear himself from this board, Benny, my brother decided to get me tossed so I would resume normal writing, as in our scripts.

                              What part do you not understand. Remember Dominic's first post why don't people write more on their scripts, and why do people give away ideas? I'm sure you do remember.

                              Ask Kosk he knows, or Ptrano Don or Gore who has known my brother for six years.

                              Our email correspondence was supposed to be between us, not the script, say anything you want.

                              I stated who I am in those emails. As to do with your comment on evaluation, well I majored in pysc. in college and my mother has a masters in that particular field, and i wonder if you are qualified to evaluate?

                              You wanted to read the script, know you are belly aching about nonsense. Give lilybet a chance to be bitchy read the script and make any kind of comments you'd like, please I look forward to your insight.

                              And for the last time, BENNY DELTONE, is my brother. He is a legitmate person, I on the other hand am a jokster who looks for fun and amusement, and have not logged as another name in months, and the only reason I kept on logging on as others is because I kept on getting tossed.

                              Amaze me steeves and give some insight and stop being paranoid, give lilybet some validation that I can't write, come on, do it steeves, do it. And if their are spelling errors I'd like to know them, because that would help.

                              hang em'

                              and by the way, anytime I logged on as someone else I emailed Ptrano to tell him, he asked me for that and kosk knows who my alter egos are. And, I promised Done deal that I would stick to one name, okay, and I will. I will stick to hangem because you all know that it is Dominic.

                              I am Dominic Riggio, that's who I am.

                              ohh, and PS, if I ever become who I aim to be, you will have a connection not an enemy. I attached you first, from my very first post, you have only tried to stem the tide of nonsense. Why would that effect anything if someday, I'm a success and you are hoping for a break. Black balling is not my skin. A good script is a good script even if it is written by SATAN himself.


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                                Supernatural movies....

                                Please, please...puhleeeze, can we all just get along? I haven't even had my coffee yet, but then, maybe I'll just go for a beer. How 'bout them Reds! Imagine if we were all stuck on an island together?

                                Daughter of Lir's original question was (not verbatim): Do we feel like fairy tales/spiritual movies are "in" today? I say yes. If a story allows you to escape to the outer realm of your usual thinking, even if only for a couple of hours, and gives you a indentifiable connection in which to base your spiritual/religious/theoretical beliefs on, then yes, these are the kinds of movies that people will pay money to see. These type movies "speak" to us and allow us to frolic within the confines of own minds and presents the identifying elements desired to enhance the possibility of our own individual beliefs being true. While many of these type movies haven't been blockbusters, studios certainly haven't lost money on them either. Oh well, I could go on, but I won't.

                                Thank you very much. Now, I'm going to get my coffee and an apple.