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    Re: Supernatural movies.... and slang... and...

    <laughing> Whoo-HOO! Lots of replies! Fun, fun!

    Okay, just a brief word on slang: I apologize, I didnt say what I meant correctly. I dont mean that I plan on using slang and bad grammar on a daily business or whatnot, just that in my quick typing I am NOT gonna worry about if my "dont" has an apostrophe -- I reckon y'all can figure it out. And yes, one should strive for proper spelling/grammar, I just dont want to get hammered if I am being "cute" in my typing on purpose... oh, botheration, I shall endeavor NOT to "go there", and this is a silly side topic. <grin> I'll be good. 'Nuff said.

    On Kosk: <grin> <waving> Funny that THAT was who you were talking about, Lilibet. <snicker> We 've been accused before of posting too similarly. Rest assured I am NOT he! <laughing>

    On Slainte: We're both Irish in descent, funny enough. We both speak a smattering of Gaelic, believe it or not. We both happen to like the lore/legends/mythos of Ireland (and Scotland, for me). And as Koskie says "alternative form o' greeting/cheers from folks not necessarily US/Canadian"... damn Celtic kids, popping up everywhere...

    On fantasy in film: Again, I was unclear. (damn overexcited posting, bad Swan, bad!) I did not mean High Fantasy, ie: Tolkien, McCaffrey, although I will look forward to seeing both o'them. Wasnt about to run out and write a "D & D critters fantasy" <shudder> I meant, "modern fantasy/supernatural thriller", and actually my questions have been answered quite neatly. <grin> Thanks to Girl In Grey for the nice concise answer. VERY appreciated. Ditto to Mr Martell. And thanks for all the other feedback, folks. It is mucho appreciated. I'm actually feeling like I'm getting a handle on this... And actually, once I read your posts, it was a silly question for me to ask considering the success of recent films with supernatural-ooh-spooky themes... But thanks!!

    Oh, and Steev-O: I dont play the "alternate persona" games on boards. My time is too bloody valuable to waste on childish crap that serves no purpose. So thanks for the "support" on whether or not you "take me seriously"... Isn't that a little rude to a new person, whom you don't know at all? I believe its "innocent until proven guilty"? Believe me, my work is as valid as any other person posting here, and I shouldn't be "punished" for past folks' foibles. Not trying to preach or pick a fight with you, sir, just asking that mayhap you can suspend belief or impressions until you've actually "seen" more of me? Thanks for input, though.
    I understand that previously KsK has been accused of being "falsely supportive and 'sweet'." Nope, not so. And I am the same way: I'll be supportive of folks and thank them for their opinions no matter HOW they differ from mine. Everyone is entitled to one, no? And everyone has something valuable to say in one way or another -- just kinda hard to pick it out sometimes...

    Abject apologies, all, for the length of this post.


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      Re: Supernatural movies.... and slang... and...

      Don't worry about it, you just opened some old stuff up, started by me. I felt the need to be childish and become others so I have tainted the board for the newbies, don't bother with apologizing.

      Steeves, and whom ever else, I WILL NOT SCREW AROUND WITH OTHER NAMES, any more.

      And who cares how many names you use LIR,

      use I KILLED SHAKESPEARE, if you want. The posts are the same either way, man - who cares, people are starving, with flies all over the place in third world countries, and they get bitten eighty times an hour and eat quaker oates for breakfast lunch and dinner and have no clue what ESPN is or how soft SALEM HAYEK's skin must be after she takes a shower.

      DOMINIC - HANG EM, - SONNY, JO - BLOW and who ever else.

      It's all about writing creating and having fun with the English language.


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        Supernatural/spooky stuff....

        well, this thread (for me, today) has just dovetailed with the previous one on Signs and Portents.

        After enjoying this thread last night, I wake up to an e-mail from the guy I'm doing the toon-short for. He was discussing the project last night with a colleague. They were laughing their asses off over the satires/lampoons/jokes. One of the lines was funny enough that they want me to add ANOTHER scene. (I swear to god that if they don't cut this sh!t out, we're gonna end up with a 22 minute pilot rather than a short; NOT my initial intent or plan). But why is this relevant to the thread?

        The scene takes place in the Foyer to Hell. The line that leads to the addition comes from the Demon who is the Major Domo that inducts Ne'r-do-wells to their just-desserts. Does this sound funny as I post this? No. But it's described as hysterical by those who've read the piece. Even though it takes place in The Inferno. But it's not Dante's. I modernized it. Not like S Park, but... Some folks are already laying bets that it'll eat Spike and Mike's alive. Even though it deals with some of the oldest mythological elements around.

        So, as usual, context is everything, regardless of genre.

        Guess I better go and design that new scene now...

        Salud, kosak


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          Bill Martell - still the level headed

          pseudo peace maker, with the ohh so very seductive comments toward the IDIOT, who keeps on pushing the wrong buttons.

          My hats off to ya bill and that comment about the hack, way back when, was out of line.

          That was a low blow, I have actually read three fourths of your scripts, at least the one's I can get my hands on and calling you a hack was, well in bad taste.

          Still think I'm better though.



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            Re: Bill Martell - still the level headed

            That's not a true apology, Hang. And possibly might start another ruckus. Simply saying "Sorry I (---) without a qualifier goes farther and rides better. Which is the difference between a Selica and a Hemi Cuda.

            And I replied to your other question too.

            No problems with you, just speaking my peace, kosk


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              Re: Supernatural/spooky stuff....

              Ah, Kosk-kin think how amusing it'll be to have the longest toon at Spike & Mike's....

              Signs and portents and supernat'ral stuff, o my! <toasting Ksk with ale>

              Yeah, as I was doing some more writing on ye auld script (involving the Sea and supernatural things and such in S.F.) I read that they just fished a body out o' San Fran Bay... Scooby Doo says "arrrhoooOOOO?" Shivery bits.

              Watched "Secret of Roan Inish" again today. Yet another example of what I meant by modern fantasy... absolute lovely gem of a movie...

              And back I go to my fountain pen, Guinness and Altan cd...


              Nighean an Lir,


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                Just write it

                Daughter of Lir,

                Write what you want. If you can write well, producers will want you to write their ideas. You can basically forget about selling a spec script. Spec scripts from unsold writers account for about 3% of all movie sales.

                So go with your strength and write a strong character piece which displays your chops. It's like the old actor's motto - always choose a monologue that lets you cry and scream.

                Of course, since you're probably Vampyre, this is all meaningless.

                By the way, the big change in AMERICAN BEAUTY wasn't the killer. It was whether or not Lester has sex with the Mena Suarvi character. In the original script, he banged her. Fortunately, Walter Parkes decided otherwise. See kids, producers aren't all bad.



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                  Suspenders 'n briefs

                  I mean suspension of belief; gotta watch my spelling.

                  Audiences suspend belief the way a 3 year old flies: she runs as fast as she can, she waves her little arms, she gives a little hop and.....FLIES FOR A WHOLE HALF SECOND!!!

                  You can ask audiences to suspend belief a little bit, but don't ask them to make a suspension bridge out of it.

                  "Legend" is a good example of the genre gone wrong; one damn fantasy after another until you need a map and program to follow it all. By that point, nobody cared anymore.


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                    by the way, Don

                    can you verify hang'em's claims?

                    just curious


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                      Re: by the way, Don

                      Steeves, you're up late.

                      Hang em? Well, yep he's Sonny Liston and Dominic Riggio, but not Benny Deltone. I've read his script and it's a good one; it's gonna get bought. He seems to have a twin though I've never seen the two of them together (actually, I've never seen either one of them). His brother writes coherently and logically so that he is either a separate person from Hang or Hang is real good at getting into character.

                      Hope this was helpful.

                      [email protected]


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                        Don - it's early!

                        only 1130am out here in this neck of the desert

                        thanks for your take on dom/benny/whoever

                        i think his script has merit - forgot to tell him i don't much like the title - but i found it hard to get into - needs polish and i would like to see it again after he does some work... but then again, other than knowing what i like what do i know?



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                          Re: Don - it's early!

                          Yeah! I forgot to dis the title, too. I couldn't come up with anything better. "Dominic Go Friskem" kept coming to mind (that's from an old Catholic joke in case you never heard it).


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                            Re: Don - it's early!

                            Yes, I have a brother and he does write logically and coherently, it seems he thinks before he writes, and possible edits, I, on the other hand write as if someone is chasing me with a chainsaw.

                            SHAVING WRINKLES. . . getting mixed reviews on the name as well, but if you real get into the story then it applies.

                            But the name might have to be changed


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                              Re: Just write it

                              I dont know who the hell "Vampyre" is, but I'm getting severely pissed off at being accused of being other people, and it sure as HELL doesnt highly recommend this place to someone new who wants the same thing as everyone else: to get good advice & input on how to get scripts sold. Dont you folks have better things to do? I am here to get opinions on how to make my script better, how the business works, etc etc etc. So keep the "alternate personas" [email protected]#%$ to yourself. And if you dont know who someone is, I suggest you hold back on your little accusations as you have NO idea what you're talking about in regards to "screen names". I am "Daughter of Lir", a female living in California, and I have never been on this board in my life until this last weekend. So can we ditch this [email protected]#%$ about who's pretending to be who? Does it REALLY friggin' matter? What matters is what we discuss and what advice we give, and what we have to say. Would it matter one whit if, in the future, I DID decide to log on under other names? *No*. Because my "voice" is still the same, and I write the same no matter what, and I am interested in the same things as always. So enough. I am NOT here for this!

                              Beginning to realize what Ksk and others were talking about...


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                                Just &quot;right&quot; it....

                                I'm glad you're on this board Daughter of Lir...we needed another woman! Set 'em straight! That's what I say, set 'em straight! :rollin