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    Actually, the three good guys get killed in the end, but only two are resurrected. The main protag does not come back (I thought that would be two corny). Her death spurs on the flight of the other two good guys (the jesus clone and her son),they get caught and killed but then come back to life and escape.
    After her death the film would go on for another 30 minutes.
    What do you think?



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      Protagonist vs. Antagonist

      Um, in James Bond movies, James Bond is the protagonist and the villain is the antagonist.

      The protagonist is the character with a problem who can through active story participation resolve that problem.

      The antagonist is the character or object/force opposed to the protagonist achieving that goal.

      In James Bond stories, the central dillemma is, some evil villain is about to destroy the world. James Bond must save the world, he is the only character who can -- that makes him the protagonist. The villain opposes James Bond saving the world, that makes him (or her) the antagonist.


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        No Protag, No Story (No Audience)

        The audience jumps into the skin of the protagonist and lives their life for 2 hours... so if you kill the protagonist you are killing the audience. Do you really want to do that?

        Plus: Once the protagonist is dead, there's no story! It's over. (Unless the protagonist is a ghost or a zombie and continues to be the center of the story.)

        Can you make me a list of 5 movies where the protagonist is killed and the movie isn't over within 5 minutes?

        (There are "serial protagonist" stories where one character hands the "protagonist batton" to another, then dies. That other character is now the protagonist - so the protagonist HASN'T been killed. Best example of this is PSYCHO.)

        (Protagonists sometimes die at the end of the film - but the story is over right away - BRAVEHEART.)

        - Bill (now I'll read what everybody else said)