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    When somebody writes a screenplay, what does he have to kepp track of?

    What I mean is that--what do people want to watch today? If a screenplay was made into a movie.
    Dramas are intense but not as spectacular

    Films like Unforgiven, Gladiator were good. What genres do you suggest I write? And a la what movie/screenplay?

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    You are asking the wrong question.

    You are asking, "What genres do you suggest I write? And a la what movie/screenplay?" when you should be asking YOURSELF "What do I want to write about?"

    If you write a good story and are willing to go through re-writes and such, you will have the best opportunity to see it into a movie.

    Write what you know and what you are passionate about. Because if you aren't, it'll show in the writing.


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      Calth - As Bill Martell has stated over and over, "You write the kind of movies you love to go see."

      Look at the last few movies you REALLY enjoyed at the theater. Those are the kind of movies you should be writing.



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        So I should be...

        ...writing about giant green ogres bombing Pearl Harbor...


        Not even my mind twists in those directions!


        They're right, though. Write what you want to write. The only reason I wrote my first screenplay was because I felt the story would be better as a script than a novel.

        Of course, now I'm hooked, damn it!



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          Charli beat me to it!

          Write a movie like the ones you just can't wait to see. If that's the latest Hanks/Ryan romamtic comedy, write something like that. If it's the latest Adam Sandler movie, write something like that. If it's the latest Ashley Judd thriller, write something like that. Write the movies you watch - if you wouldn't pay to see your script on screen, why would anybody else?

          - Bill