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  • Thematic question

    A 2-part question:

    I am tentatively exploring aspects of Fate as a theme. In searching for some visual expression of this topic, the first thing I think of is thread, or a woven skein (as in the Fates, Klotho/Lachesis/Atropos). What image or images do you associate with the terms "Fate" and Destiny"?

    Also, can anyone think of a film that explored something remotely similar to this as a theme?

    Many thanks for any input-

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    Destiny? When Crispin Glover says, "I'm George McFly. ... I'm your density... your destiny."


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      As a more serious reply...

      In some non-Western cultures, bones are a positive, concretized expression of fate.

      Also the Ocean (in wilder sections of the Sea).

      Where I was born, the toemic animals that "lovingly organize" the area in which one is quickened (not "born") are a hallmark of Fate.

      Hopefully helpful, kosk


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        Re: As a more serious reply...

        I like your image, much better than my vision of ancient Gods with thunderbolts. Freud sortof ruined fate didn't he, more's the pity.



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          With no smart-ass reply...

          ...Again, we only agree. But I cannot take credit for the images; I can only be grateful that I received them as gifts.

          No BS, Lil, and you know I mean that.

          Slainte to you, in all that means, kosk


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            Two Things...

            Thing One:

            Astrology - it was good enough for that Shakespeare fellow. Plus all of the various lucky numbers, Tarot cards, etc that supposedly show our future.

            Thing Two:

            You may be using these symbols in addition to actions within the story, but don't forget those actions! If you show theme through actions it's not heavy-handed.

            Off Topic:

            I have a short story called "Find A Penny" about a down-and-out guy who finds a penny, picks it up, and all the day he has good luck: someone gives him a new suit. The next day he finds a penny, picks it up, and all the day he has good luck: he gets a job. This continues, and they guy keeps having good luck... but he walks with his eyes on the pavement looking for pennies, and won't do anything unless he's found his good luck penny for the day. One day, he can't find a penny anywhere! He keeps searching. He's late for work - may be fired. His luck seems to be changing right before his eyes. Then a guy pulls out his car keys, a pernny falls out of his pocket and rolls down the street. Our hero chases after it. It keeps rolling. He keeps chasing it. Finally it wobbles to the street. Our ghero grabs the penny and yerlls "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck!" Then a truck smashes him flat.

            To get this back on topic:

            What symbolizes fate to your character? What's the thing in THEIR life that might be their "forced destiny". George McFly really is Marty's destiny - I've seen myself doing the same things my father has done... showing the same weaknesses as my father. That flick last year about coal miner's kid who grows up to be a rocket scientist had a bunch of scenes where the kid's dad symbolized the kid's destiny if he didn't find a way out of that town.

            - Bill ("Luke, I am your father" "Destiny, destiny, no escaping what's for me...")


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              Quentin Tarantino in a very bad movie.