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    Re: Mysti

    I think "Cider House Rules" proved you can make a message film work. The story was too good for someone to get very worked up about the pro-abortion aspect of it.

    I'm sure there were some people upset about it, but there was no huge outcry against the film. Bottom line is - write a damn good story.


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      Flash in the pan preaching.

      Take the opening shot of Boys in the Hood. From out of blackness, cut to a Stop Sign... effective, blunt, good job Singleton.

      On the other hand, take a film like Secrets and Lies... drawn out, trite, lighten up Leigh.


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        Morality? Humour? Hmmmmm.....

        Sometimes, the people that get peeved at a moral message are the same ones who can't take a joke. People who get irritated at an alternate POV - RE "lifestyle", choice of partners or politics - are often the same ones who light the torches and stomp off to burn down a windmill with a supposed "monster" inside. That monster being someone who dared make a wisecrack directed at something they hold dear.

        The comic is thereby considered immoral, or amoral. Like Bill Hicks, on occasion.

        So let me ask you this: What subjects do you consider to be "taboo" for joke-making? Since we've discussed meat and Indian religion, what are the "holy cows"?

        I only ask because there are folks that would go apesh!t (and have) over jokes involving S&M leather-daddies and Darth Vader's choice of attire...