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  • Dialogue

    I want to thank whoever made a statement in one of these threads about imagining a dumb jock reading your dialogue instead of an oscar (or emmy) award winning actor/actress. That one comment alone has given me a whole new feeling of responsibility regarding the quality of my dialogue, and has alerted me to some of its occasional shortcomings. There's A LOT of good info on this board (a lot of good, creative banter, too, to be fair).

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    Then start the drink-buying round with a tall one handed to WCMartell. Who decidedly deserves it.

    Dig yer posts, Anton Remarkable (sincere grin)


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      Thanks Kosk!

      I've had guys who used to play football for a living (and are now actors) read my lines. You realize that the worse the actor, the better the line has to be just to sound okay. Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman can make crap sound brilliant, and even Keaunu Reeves can play Keanu Reeves well, but imagined writing the next Howie Long movie!

      I have an article on dialogue on my website, but instead of cutting & pasting the whole darned thing, here's a link to my NEW site:


      It doesn't launch until Monday, but most of the articles are already up. Starting Monday, a different screenwriting article every week, a different screenwriting tip EVER DAY (5 a week), an Idea Of The Day (5 a week), and daily screenwriting news!

      - Bill (hasn't slept in weeks)


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        You know, Bill if you would quit squandering your time and if you really cared, you would be providing us with a Tip of the Hour. How do you expect me to learn anything if I have to wait a whole day between tips?

        Other Bill


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          Very good. (not flirting, wifey)



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            Re: Dialogue/WC site

            Looks Like WC put in a tremendous amount of work on the site. I couldn't get to the articles (URL....stuff) but I'm finally going to order the book and the classes look good, too.


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              Re: Dialogue/WC site


              I've hardly done anything on the site... yet. Much of it still has Under Construction pages. I don't know what's going on with the classes - they're run by Script Magazine which just moved to a new server and I don't think you can actually enroll in the classes yet... plus they have a new class/chat software that my computer seems to reject. Unless I can make this software work, I can't get in to teach the classes!

              I hope the only URL problem you had was with the first article listed... because it isn't up yet! That goes up on Monday. The others should work, and if you have problems please TELL ME! I do the code myself (no programs) and my fat fingers often mistype a link address. I need to get stuff like that fixed asap.

              Here's a link to the dialogue article:


              - Bill