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  • trilogy question

    I have a question.I am currently in th re-write phase of my first script.I can extend the story to last through a trilogy.When I submit it should it be sent as a trilogy or would just the first installment be sufficant?

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    Movies are made one at a time (except for LORD OF THE RINGS - but they are based on some fairly popular books, scripted by a couple of swell film geeks who have made some great flicks like DEAD ALIVE).

    If the "first" film flops, they won't want to buy the other two scripts. So saying you have a trilogy will only confuse them. Make sure your "first" script really kicks @ss, and after they make it, and it becomes a huge hit, THEN they'll want to see the other two scripts.

    But remember - the Death Star BLOWS UP at the end of STAR WARS. The film has an END. A great end. A great big end. Make sure your "first" script stands alone - that if it's the only one made, it has all of the elements to satisfy an audience. Don't save any great stuff for the sequel - if the first flick isn't all-great, there won't be a sequel.*

    - Bill
    (*exception being BATTLEFIELD EARTH)


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      thanks for the helpful advise. The story is on going topic between my brother and me.The idea of the story is about 20 years old and just recently I took up writting for the first time and decided to give this story its due.Thanks again.


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        Is it YOUR 20 year old idea, or someone else's? Because if it isn't yours, don't bother writing the first script, much less the third. It isn't your idea, and you don't have the right to write it. Producers won't even read the script if it's based on someone else's work, unless you have signed a contract with the original author, and he/she's given you permission to adapt their story.

        Your pal,


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          Not to disagree, but . . .

          Kevin Williamson submitted a treatment for Scream 2 & 3 with the original. That said, it was Scream, not a piece of sh1t.


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            Re: Not to disagree, but . . .

            I should clearify that the story is 100% my idea. As a matter of fact, the five MAIN characters are very close and personal friends( myself and my brother are two of them). The concept would alot of talking space to explain it.Thanks for the advise again.


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              but, kevin williamson

              is a known commodity.

              i am not.

              i love my current in-progress script, and have a kick-butt idea for a sequel (primarily the characters and a slick play on my working title)

              but for now it will stay an idea