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  • CREATIVE Writing

    Screenwriting is CREATIVE writing.

    You will be judged on your creativity.

    Create YOUR OWN characters.

    Create YOUR OWN stories.

    Create YOUR OWN jokes and witty dialogue.

    Create YOUR OWN scenes.


    Don't use someone else's creations. That's not creative at all.

    - Bill

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      Can I use that in my new script, "Basic Instinct II: The Screenwriter"? Kidding.

      I couldn't agree with you more. Nobody ever got into trouble playing with their own toys.

      All right, I'm psyched... let the creative juices flow...


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        Dang! And I was going to call the villain to my next script "Bill Martell." dang, dang, dang...


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          Now I have to start over... damn

          I was half way through my kung fu western about a garden store family whose virgin daughter marries a young looking man who is really 114 year-old.

          I hope I'm not affending anyone, if I am, TS


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            Are you giving up that idea, Rat? hehehe


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              Creative writing is being creative?

              Wow... that' s deep.

              You could be the next Syd Field with those kind of radical ideas.

              Rock on.


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                I have posted a copy of your message above computer. Really, ya'll nailed it dat time!

                p.s. It's right next to my beer can collection, a place of honor, in case ya don't knew!


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                  If WCM's above-listed commands were to become "Commandments", there'd be a lot more room in the WGA.

                  I hope thay do, since I'm getting bored of seeing/reading about 2nd and 3rd rate knock-offs.


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                    Re: CREATIVE WRITING

                    Well said WCM, well said.



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                      Re: RE: Lefty?

                      You CLEAN your lenses? Damn, maybe that's why my scripts lack 'focus'--I can't see the page!!

                      When Martell speaks, I listen.


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                        Re: RE: How is this for creativity?

                        Can I use that?


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                          Re: RE: How is this for creativity?

                          And do unto others as you'd have done unto you.

                          And a stitch in time saves nine.

                          This gem does inspire me to pass along piece of wisdom I've gathered from over the years.

                          If you're writing a COMEDY, it should be FUNNY

                          Not SERIOUS. FUNNY.

                          It's a COMEDY.

                          If you write something very FUNNY, then you have a COMEDY on your hands.

                          In COMEDY - the FUNNIER the BETTER.

                          (feel free to jot this down for future reference, all)

                          P.S. Love to Bill - but he had to be shredded on that one...


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                            I guess you had to be them...


                            What seems bone-head obvious to many of us is a big lesson to be learned for others. After reading numerous posts on this board and others from people in need of a specific lesson, I provided it.

                            In two months that post will be forgotten and I'll post something similar... because a whole new group of people will need information that I learned ages ago.

                            Just because I know it doesn't mean someone else knows it.
                            Just because something seems simple to me now doesn't mean it will seem simple to everyone.

                            Sometimes that's frustrating.

                            How many comedies have you read where the writer seemed to forget they were supposed to be funny? Sometimes the obvious is the one thing we don't see...

                            You know, can't see the forest for the trees?

                            - Bill (fighting fire with fire - opps, get that away from those trees!)


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                              Re: I guess you had to be them...

                              Bill (you not me):

                              Yes, a couple of people missed the point. But there is one habit of yours that MUST GO!

                              It's spelled "oops" NOT "opps".

                              I realize this word is not in the dictionary, but this is is the accepted colloquial spelling, and I must insist that you follow the norm.

                              We run a tight ship here. Unlike a certain "knock-off" message board that I could name.

                              You are the best, wcm. Never go away.