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    Re: clouds are clearing

    I haven't heard of that, but if anyone has knowledge then it should be made public on this forum with a big WARNING sign on it.

    Stories like this might be apocryphal. I think that a licensed agent involved with this could lose their license a.k.a. their livelihood.



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      Re: clouds are clearing


      Thanks for the input. Here's where things stand.

      My comedy script has been evaluated and read by Ray Blakesley Jr. from the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute. He gave me a 4 page analysis on re-write recommendations. It was not a line by line evaluation but a good read. After the re-write, (which was again after at least 20 drafts) I sent it back to him.

      He felt it had potential and recommended one more step, having another industry professional read it line by line. It is ready to go to Craig Kellem from tomorrow, Monday. It is a minimal fee but he will give it a line by line consult.

      I want it the best possible before I let it out for the first time.

      It is marketable at this point but another industry professional consult couldn't hurt, could it? I am willing to make the small investment to do it.

      Even though this is my first screenplay, I have written copy for clients for the past 18 years. Film/video is my profession.

      Again, thanks for the input all.



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        Clouds are clearing; Blue sky?


        I visited your website and had a couple of questions. I think at your larger site I visited yesterday, there were contract elements that involve the potential standard fees for selling the script. (%)

        This site does not mention that. There are substantial contract terms though that I would normally have legal representation look at. Is that necessary?

        It is a solid 100 page comedy that is marketable based on input from other professionals. It is possible that I would still like one more industry read on it. As I mentioned, I've heard you get one shot and you want your best.

        Thanks again for the feedback, (bad word for audio guys)



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          Re: clouds are clearing

          Good luck, Mos!



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            Good luck?


            My concern is getting the screenplay to you in its best condition.

            I could give a logline (written by me), you might even request the full script. Would I be better off holding off for a couple of weeks for one more consult?

            My limited research shows you guys are the real deal and I think you are a very viable avenue.

            Thanks for the input,


            Notation: I mentioned earlier first completed screenplay, I failed to mention other treatments completed.


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              Re: Good luck?


              The flow of the posts looks like I was giving you an undue brush off. I was responding to your 2nd to last post while you were posting your last post, so my good luck had to do with your upcoming evaluation with Blakesley. It just looks like I was being snotty in the order the posts came out.

              Now, in response to your questions...

              The only pre-negotiated terms on my site are if someone is just trying to sell an idea. No script. They get 5k if we can get set up the idea and an additional 20k if a movie based on the idea is greenlit.

              Scripts are totally different. Because of the time needed to evaluate a script, we don't get involved with them at the submission level except if someone wants a paid screenplay evaluation. That's the bad news, because it means the writer has to pay for the evaluation.

              The good news is that the writer gets great notes and maintains total control of the material. We just function like paid script consultants. The bonus is that if we like the screenplay, we have the mechanism to get it read and seriously, legitimately, considered all over town.

              Even if you've gone elsewhere for an evaluation, we don't have a straight script submission model. You'd still have to get an evaluation from us.

              If you were planning to submit to us at some point, it's not going to save you money by paying for someone else's evaluation.

              To sum up: the business we're in is evaluations. We just happen to be in a position to do something with the material if we're blown away by it.

              As far as getting legal representation to look over any and all contracts...yes, if you feel more comfortable. Just don't spend a fortune on lawyers right now. See if you can get one to take a percentage of sales (usually 5%), like an agent.

              Hope this helps clear things up.

              Warmest regards,


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                Thanks for the followup note. An early rejection just from a Done Deal post would have been devastating. Ha

                I'll followup more tomorrow.

                Thanks again,



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                  I have paid for coverage by script doctors/consultants on several occasions, and have gotten mostly good results. Anything you can do to get the script in the best possible shape before it goes out--is crucial. I like to use 2-3 different consultants on a single script, because each one spots details, holes in the plot, etc. that some of the others miss. I highly recommend