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  • Navy Question (Off current topics)

    Hi, where can I get help with Army/Navy/Airforce questions?

    One of my characters "quits" the Navy to study to become a preacher (don't ask)...Can he go back to the Navy as a chaplain? Thanks for your help.

  • #2 recently redid their site. It has loads of info on careers, etc. I'm so @#%$ bored at work I just went to the site and poked around, and the answer to your question is "yes."


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      I have a cousin who joined the Navy (now in the path of becoming an ATF officer). He said when you first set sail, the food is fine, but then after a month or so at sea, the dormant bugs in the flour sort of sprout. So when you eat bread, the dead bugs are larger than raisins (unless of course he was pulling my legs).

      Another interesting note..On the ship, if they by chance they had a SEAL officer on board, those officers spent all of their time sun bathing. They were not really to be addressed and no one could order the NAVY guys around.

      One reason my cousin went to join the SEALS. He however busted his knee when he climbed a tree with his hands and feet (no ropes of any kind).. well, he didn't bust his knee climbing, it happened when he fell.

      Okay, enough insider info.



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        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Gee, I love this site!


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          Try these...

          Now, don't think that I'm either in the military or a war mongerer... because I'm not. It's just that my website, storyXchange, is a fantastic repository for great true stories, and they have some great ones.

          Anyway, good luck!


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            It mostly depends upon how old he is. Recently, cutbacks forced a lot of officers out. Most of them were auxiallary people, not on sea duty.

            There is a shortage of trained people for sea duty. Incentives for re-enlistment include thirty to forty thousand dollars, I don't recall accurately which now. The Navy has chaplains of all ilk.


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              And to add to the others, it might be a smoother return if he had remained in the reserves after "retirement".