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  • Great character development tool

    There's a personality test used a lot by psychologists and career counselors called (depending on the version) "The Kiersey temperament sorter" or "The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator." It's based on Jungian archetypes and based on your responses to a series of questions, it assigns one of 16 personailty types. The types have to do with how you view yourself and others and how you interact with the world. Things like introversion vs. extroversion, whether you make decisions based more on feelings (abstract) or emperical evidence (concrete). It's interesting to take the test yourself, but also great to take it as one of your characters, or to simply look at the types and use them to develop characters you're working on.

    There's a version of the test on the web at:

    Also, scroll down on the main page and click on the link "sixteen types" for an overview of each one.

    There's lots of great info here. I'd be interested to hear if anyone thinks it's useful.

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    Final Analysis...

    I too have used this site, and the personality type overviews to test out a character. I can't say that it has helped me in the begining, when fleshing them out, but it's a good way to check and balance a character you might be having trouble with after initial development.

    I wrote the website's address on the inside cover of Lajos Egris' the Art of Dramatic Writing. They compliment each other.

    -- Gore


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      Steve, this is the kinda stuff that will help people. Not brown nosing here, but what you post is informative. And you very rarely give your hand up to the nonsense.

      That was a poker analogy if I made it too vague.