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  • (Hopefully) a Happy topic/"Q"

    Since too many "long" threads seem to focus on "identity", lazy agents and "the odds against us". Not that I'm saying they shouldn't be there. But there should be some things that get at least 3 replies on the subject of "what keeps us going" as well. For "balance". So here "goes"...

    Opposite to what "keeps you up at night" as a writer/creative, what makes you know/feel that you made the right decision to pursue this avenue? What positive comment on any of your scripts steeled your nerve, braced your spine, strengthened your resolve, etc.? (from ANYONE: Mother, Brother, Father Confessor, Friend, cohort, drinking-buddy, stranger, e-buddy, girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/ "professional", anybody)

    What quote from someone made you throw your shoulders back, straighten that posture and say, "Dammit, I'm not Don Quixote, I'm GALAHAD!"

    (Or any neuter-gender example that's appropos).

    Just backin' "us", kosk

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    Just the fact I have an agent that liked my first script even though it was a genre she didn't like.

    My resolve was really cemented when a producer asked to talk to me over the phone and told me she really liked my script/writing.

    I aslo got an e-mail from actor Brian Thompson about a script I sent him - when he told me the humour made him laugh... that felt good.

    Friday over yet?


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      Hey Meltdown

      Is that Brian Thompson from 3 Amigos, Cobra, and Legend? He's one bad mother......

      By the way, I'd be pretty juiced about those "uppers"



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        Re: Hey Meltdown

        Cal V? Something positive RE your stuff that you can share too? I'm not nagging, but considering your previous "Q"'s RE sci-fi/fantasy/animation, I'm very curious. I'll share if you will...


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          Blind optimism (as is my nature) coupled with:

          Having a writer friend of mine tell me that he found my Ally spec incredibly touching (NOT schmaltzy, )

          Hearing (albeit via a third party) that a rather respected cinematographer (now director/producer as well) liked my script...even though he ultimately passed on it and hasn't talked to me about it at all.

          Knowing that I have two very good contacts tucked away in my back pocket (who have the power to potentially jumpstart my career) for when the script I'm working on now is ready.

          Knowing what "ready" means(finally). Understanding what my mistakes have been in the past, and figuring out how not to repeat them (regarding how to use contacts, etc).

          This board!!!


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            Bless ya, Tone...

            With that blessing coming from (hopefully) the anti-gremlins that sign good checks and lead to great agents.

            Nice to see some "Big Heart" on this thread, from you and The Incredible Melting Man (that outta bring back some memories for some of us... )

            Coming Soon to a Board Near You: OTHER ANSWERS!

            And those don't require Dick Smith or Rob Bottin... :evil


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              Re: Bless ya, Tone...

              I'm as giddy as a school-girl for signing with a new agent this week.


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                Congrats Crash

                Crash, congratulations. Hope your new agent works hard for you. Best of luck,



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                  (Sorry. Can't do the Nem thing. Refuse to learn HTML.)


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                    Re: Well...

                    Thanks, guys.


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                      Re: Well...

                      Crash, well goodness, having a tough time reconciling my mental image of you with "giddy as a school girl." But our mental images are probably hysterically different from reality.




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                        "What positive comment on any of your scripts steeled your nerve, braced your spine, strengthened your resolve, etc."

                        I am writing a screenplay based on the true life story of the mother of a friend of mine. I had a co-writer on this story at one time who for some reason, got sidetracked on the story and was taking it way outside of where the rest of us (the family and I) thought it should go. Though she has more experience in writing than I do, the family chose my vision for the story over the co-writer's.

                        Here's the best part: My friend's son, who is in the publishing business, is the protagonist's grandson, of course. When he read a draft of the first few scenes he said that my visuals were excellent and that the characters were depicted just as he saw them. I felt like Sally Field on Oscar night. He loved my writing about his family!

                        It does help knowing that I do have a producer who will run with my script when it is in sellable form. He loves the story, too.

                        "Friends. What we do in life -- echoes in eternity".
                        --Maximus in "Gladiator"


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                          Happy, happy

                          It is reassuring that I have signed with both an agent (WGA) and a talent manager. It is also comforting that we have attracted the interest of two relatively well-known stars for one of my scripts, and that a producer is putting together a "package" with an award-winning director and others, and is seeking financing to make the film. Many times with my submissions I've gotten positive feedback, but there's nothing like a check in the mail to confirm that the writing is working. Aside from that, I feel that my scripts have improved enormously over the last few years, and this is backed up by both friends and professionals who tell me they like my work.


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                            Sometimes even the small things help.

                            My youngest son keeps asking me if I sold a script yet and is so positive after having read my script that he has his things-I'm-going-to-buy-him list already made out.

                            My mother, who has absolutly no sense of humor (people laugh, she never laughs she says "ohhhh"), read one of my scripts and (gross as it sounds, it was better than "ohhhh) she laughed so hard spittle flew out of her mouth.

                            Getting an "I agree with..." on these boards.

                            Advancing to the first round of any contest (I made the quarter in Nicholl one year and it took months before I stopped grinning, or the phone stopped ringing).

                            I got a call this week and was asked "how much advance notice would you need to fly to LA." Goosebump city.

                            The big stuff is great, but sometimes we need those daily small things, too, to help get over Monday, Tuesday,....


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                              Wow! You guys are doing great! That is incredible! I'm so excited for you all. Please keep me informed as things progress even further.

                              I am able to keep going and keep my head up because people (agents) keep asking to read my script. With every phone call, letter and e-mail I gain confidence.

                              Someone off of this board read my script and gave me some GREAT feedback. I made a couple of changes and feel even better about it. (What a difference it makes to get another point of view)

                              The one agent who I've been in closest contact with says he loves it. Even though he hasn't taken me on as a client yet, I don't see a reason why he'd make so many long distance calls just to lie to me.

                              InZide.com requested a copy this week. Another step that keeps my optimism going.

                              I've had a very rough start (mentally) with writing because, outside of my husband and children, my family and friends could give a hoot!

                              My mom has come around some, but I can tell she worries that I'm getting my hopes up for nothing. So I tell her as little as possible. It's no secret that the people in my family all think I'm nothing but a dreamer. While there is some truth to that, so what!?!

                              I love the daily dose of encouragement I get from those on this board. It keeps me from feeling alone with my writing.

                              Congrats to all of you who have passed a milestone and to those who will passing one soon.