I need a glossary of abbreviations please.



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  • I need a glossary of abbreviations please.

    Its the only thing holding me back from finishing my scripts. I was hoping for an informal brush up on the abbreviations like POV and fade in type phrases. I'm pressed for time for a contest so please help.
    Thank you always,
    ps I've figured out most but I want to make sure I have all the resourse to make a presentable script

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    You mean like LS/MFT?


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      Smart-ass ( )


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        I guess so?

        I found a glossary on a web site but I already knew the ones on there and there was only a few.Is POV point of view? Please anything useful


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          I think one of the articles at Wordplay lists abbreviations. Let me get back to you on this one, and pay no attention to my smart alek friends.

          I am being told frequently that "modern", meaning like this month, screenplays are not expected to have a lot of abbreviations, direction, or even the old space filler, "CUT TO:". I wouldn't worry a whole lot about it.



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            Please I'm serious.

            I know there's software but stupid me lost my VISA to order it quicker. Do you know anything about the Greenlight contest. I wish I knew the due date. I'm afraid I'll miss out. It took me a while to settle on a good story. I had a hard time letting go of my first idea but I'm saving it until I have more experience. So please help me.
            Thank you again


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              Re: I guess so?

              Yes POV is point of view. Other than that, I don't really know any abbreviations except these:

              O.S. - off screen
              V.O. - Voice over
              F.G. - Fore Ground (I think)
              B.G. - Back Ground (I think)
              A.S.A.P. - As soon as possible (Get that script out there)
              T.B.N.T. - Thanks but no thanks (a lazy agent's reply)
              S.A.S.E. - Self addressed stamped envelope (a must, I hear!)
              T.G.I.F. - Thank God it's Friday (Uhhhh - yepper!)
              L.M.A.O. - Laugh My A-s-s Off (All the time)
              F.O.C.L. - Fall off chair laughing (Have done this before)
              L.O.L. - Laugh out loud (Confuses your family when they are in another room and you are laughing by yourself)
              P.O. - Post Office (isn't this a game?)
              M.H. - Maroon Head (my brother calls everyone this)

              I know this is no help - but....it's all I know....



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                Re: I guess so?

                Stacey, if you're needing this info so fast, are you sure you're going to have a script that's ready to submit? Is this your first draft you're madly trying to dash out? What about multiple rewrites? Not trying to be discouraging, just asking some questions you should maybe ask yourself. If you could be more specific about what you need to know, maybe we could be more helpful.



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                  More abbreviations

                  Ok - I just looked thru my whole finished screenplay and the only abbreviations I saw were:

                  EXT - Exterior


                  EXT. - Sean's farm - Afternoon

                  INT - Interior


                  INT. - Meredith's bedroom - Morning

                  I didn't use any CUT TO: or anything like that. This was romantic comedy - maybe action would need more abbreviations.

                  I FADE IN:


                  FADE OUT:

                  That was about it.



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                    Thank you for you advice!

                    I honestly have read a few professional scripts myself and I guess I knew more than I thought.
                    I was just making sure I can work on finishing my script. Honestly it will be my first finished script.I have one or two that I'm waiting on. I admit I'm a little late at deciding the story itself but I had writer's block on my days off, but at workn today I couldn't stop thinking about it. I do my best work underpressure. Honestly I wish this contest wasn't until December or next year but I know I'll make it.I plan on finishing before Friday. I might have an english professor at a College near by proof read it and there's a professor who teaches film classes. They didn't have a screenwriting class this fall so I didn't go. I'm just using this as a test.
                    Anyways I have to go.


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                      the formats and abbreviations are pretty simple, overall. Don't make yourself crazy thinking you're not doing *enough* to make it look presentable.


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                        Re: format

                        Hey, what does MOS stand for? I think it means that characters are talking in the background but you can't hear exactly what they're saying. But I've never learned what exactly MOS stands for. Is it "mouthing on screen" maybe?


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                          Re: format

                          Mitt out sound, from some German director who had trouble with his English. Some erudite person will supply the name. Don't think it's advisable to use unless you're famous and making an in joke.


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                            Re: format

                            Erich Von Stroheim


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                              Re: format

                              MOS is the standard abbreviation for without sound, from "mit out sound," or that is how the story goes.

                              POV is point of view.

                              INT. is interior

                              EXT. is exterior

                              O.S. is off screen

                              V.O. is voice over

                              b.g. is background

                              f.g. is (almost never used) foreground

                              Those are the standards.

                              The old contin'd isn't really used much anymore because no one is putting continued at the end of breaking scenes anymore.

                              CUT TO's are pretty much not used anymore.

                              Does that cover it?