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    My apologies, then, dear Lil. I over-reacted. I have a deep dark secret, shhhh, dont anyone tell: <whisper> I'm really defensive when I feel stupid/ new at something.

    :lol Yeah, thats laughing at myself. Hokay, so, I gotta come back to my question: What IS the diff between copyrighting (a big ol' pain in da butt) and "registering" and how do you go about it?

    Thanks Lil, for not swatting me on the ass, even though I deserved it...


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      I am all for protecting ones creations.
      Hell, I spent two years and a few bucks just patenting a device that big business wound up just engineering differently.
      (they got around the patent)

      My question, really is, whatâ€TMs classified as plagiarism when it comes to scripts?
      I would seriously like to know.


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        Oh, and kinda going off on another tangent -- Kosk made me think of it when he mentioned the new way of looking at things stories...

        If you're writing a story based on something written in the previous (19th) century, is that all you have to say: "Based On the Story by Edgar Allan Poe" or are there still legalities I have to follow (and your point about adapting other people's ideas is beautifully illustrated in this instance, Lil, heh)...

        Does saying "based on" mean you have no obligation to that previous story and that it just fed your ideas? My script follows many of the same points as Poe's, but it is done with some different names and modified characters, etc, but the main points of Poe's story are still there. How do I "c.y.a." on this?


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          Wow I see I was 86'd...

          Was it something I said?


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            No - you got moved to the contest board - took me a while to find it myself.

            Don't worry!


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              Re: Zup

              Thanks, that's good news.

              I have been 86'd from other parts of the web in the past, but this one threw me for a loop...