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    Inebriated Cineman is here to stay!

    I'll drink to that...


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      Leandro must not be of my time zone, or he is a hardcore partier like me, because I left this thread 10 minutes ago and already it is updated. At the current time it is 4:05 am and I am feeling pretty good right now, although the sun is at the cusp of rising and I know I will be feeling this in the morning.

      Like I said I am here to stay.

      YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

      BTW. Please give me information on how to secure an agent.




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        How to Secure an Agent...

        ...ropes, handcuffs, shackles, threats, extortion, ?


        It's been another "all-nighter" for me. Starbucks opens in exactly 40 minutes. I'm counting the minutes. My jousting with Kosk on another thread over moot yet banal religious issues has helped to keep my eyes wide shut through this long and seemingly endless night.

        Glad to hear you're back, emotionally. Hope you still feel the strength of your convictions after the hangover sets in.


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          Re: New Tony

          Tony, you talking about seducing my girl, GIG? Huh? Huh!

          Carly, with a tag line like "A fantasy girl in a fantasy world," I have a hard time believing you're not a 50 year-old guy with a J-E-L-L-O belly and hairy shoulders. Please tell me it ain't so.

          Cineman, how you feeling this morning? How 'bout a nice greasy pork sandwich served up in a dirty ashtray?


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            Re: How to Secure an Agent...

            "moot yet banal"... perfect tag. Perfect.

            But at that hour of the morning, probably best (like that stage of the party at around 3 AM? When everyone starts the meaning of life stuff?).


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              OHHHHHHHHH......My head hurts.......I need aspirine! Well I really had a blast last night, to bad I feel like somebody chewed me up and regerjetated me back up.

              Ahh well maybe I should grab a nice stale beer to heal me. Hair of the dog that bit you.

              Don't worry guys I'll be 100% in about a week, but now it is Friday, and you know what that means. More punishement. OUCH!

              Since I feel like I should always post something to do with scriptwriting I will do so now. How many scripts should a writer be done before he tries to run out and aquire an agent.


              Your friendly neighborhood hungover Cineman.


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                <How many scripts should a writer be done before he tries to run out and aquire an agent.>

                Just one really, really good one.