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  • Self-explanatory

    From the Cork Board:

    "I'm looking for a legitamit company willing to take a gamble. I written three unsolicited screenplays. I've been writing for years. I've written over 200 songs and recently signed a deal with an European Publisher. I'm trying to break into the FIlm Industry because I believe I have what it takes to make a Corporation Billions!. Anyone seriously considering making a lot of money this upcoming year should contact me. I'm a dedicated writer and a hard worker that has never let an Employer down.
    Serious Inquries Only please!"

    If whoever wrote the above reads this, you should know that you will NEVER get a serious reply with posts like these. You may have written the next Citizen Kane, but no one will ever get past the mistakes in spelling and grammar.

    Try cutting and pasting into Word and spellchecking. Have someone else proofread. Do whatever you have to do to tighten up your posts and give a good first impression.

    Just some constructive criticism; I'd expect someone to do the same for me.

    All the best,

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    I agree 150%, that's not good.


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      Mi. too scents...

      Just bee cause it past spell Czech does knot mean it's write.

      Pru freed Wil help unless ewe flunked bay sick gram are.



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        Well said.


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          My question is - Why does a person with all that talent and ability need an employer to make money? Maybe one piece of the package is missing? And I thought the French guy asking for three million dollars was kooky!


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            Re: Muzer

            Muzer has a special talent. I almost wet my pants reading those two lines. Hey, if Norm Crosby can make a living out of murdering the language tounge in cheek, so can Muzer!


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              Note to self: Due to Bill's comments, lower asking price for "Alien Gigolo in Omaha" to $2.5 million.


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                Almost took the bait.

                I am a rich and powerful Script Buyer for a Major Company that makes billions every year, and we are always looking for dedicated, hard working writers to help us achieve our corporate goals.

                I almost contacted that Cork Board writer for his three screenplays, then I noticed they were of the unsolicited variety. We only purchase solicited screenplays. So if anyone has any solicited screenplays they want to sell, please contact me. I remain

                Your pal,