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    Anyone have any pitch session horror stories or rather "this was a waste of time" story? Yes, I know it is a good way to meet contacts and I did in fact meet a few of those when I ventured out of my home state Connecticut to sunny California, but all in all I found almost everyone to be blowing smoke up my butt. In my opinion the execs/prods had the attention span of a hyper three year old. Who could blame them having to listen to fifty or sixty, five minute pitches conducted by as many losers as talented people.
    Anyone else feel the same way? Before you answer "Yes it is. I've met so many wonderful contacts." Search yourself and ask where has it gotten you. Only two out of twenty one execs/prods who swore up and down they had to have my script and would contact me actually did.
    I had an agent from Endeaver who smuggly told me they don't rep new writers. I had to ask him what the heck was he doing at a pitch session then?
    - Mark 1

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    I once pitched to a guy who showed up drunk and fell off his stool at one point. Then spilled his drink in his lap. Then choked on a pretzel just as I was hitting my stride. Two days later he called my agent to say the idea I pitched wasn't really right for them. And he quoted a few bits he remembered. Bits from some other pitch from some other writer.

    Time well spent.


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      Ya'll have got to be kidding! YIKES!


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        Not kidding at all. On top of that, he initiated the pitch in the first place based on a spec of mine he'd read.


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          Thank God I'm not the only one with bad pitch stories. Pitches put you out in a vulnerable state in front of a moron who greenlighted "Ghoulies 3" yet barely listens to your original, intelligent concept. Wow, am I jaded.

          - Mark 1


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            It totally sucks but the main goal is to make them like you enough that they want to meet with you again. The cliche about it being "all about relationships" is true. No matter what, send a note afterward saying you enjoyed meeting them and are looking forward to sending them your next script. Try to find out something about their interest (both personal interests and the types of scripts they like) and then work it. Your agent was probably trying to get you the opportunity to practice pitching in a situation where the stakes aren't real high.

            I have to admit drunk and falling off a stool is pretty bad but your agent should be calling that idiot and saying "Remember that guy who saved you life with the heimlich maneuver when you choked on the pretzel? He's got a great new script you have to read."