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    I am working on my second script. I would like to place a couple of my scenes at an amusment park, preferably Disneyworld. Am I legally able to do so including mentioning a few of the attractions, like the Tower of Terror or should I fabricate the names? Would this be a setback in marketing my script?

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    You can do whatever you want in a spec. Keep in mind, though, that Disney is very protective of their toys and if Disneyland wasn't represented well in the script, they won't go for it. And none of the other studios are going to put up cash to advertise Disneyland for them.


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      Tower of Terror

      Avoid using specific ride names like Tower of Terror. You'd probably want to go with MAJOR AMUSEMENT PARK, not Disney World specifically. Even if Disney bought it...they wouldn't set it in Disney World. They've had Disneyland available as the setting for a motion picture since the late 1950s, and how many times have they used it in a movie? Exactly. Not a chance in hel|.

      Disney will put parts of a movie into Disneyland (Star Tours, Indiana Jones), but they won't put Disneyland into a movie.

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        Re: Tower of Terror

        Welcome to Wally World