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  • need a bit of advice...

    Last week I attended a screening of Director/Writer Ann Wheeler's 'Bye Bye Blues' (which was very good I might add) at the Calgary International Film Festival. After the film I met Ann who gave me some advice with writing. She had given me her card
    (I think for me to send her a script to help me with development/critique it)
    My question is: should I e-mail her asking if I should send her the script?

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    Yes!!! Of course, you should contact her, whether by voice, e-mail, or Pony Express. She's given you an opening. If she was just being nice and didn't mean it, then you'll figure that out pretty quick. Otherwise, you might have found the brass ring that you've been searching for.

    Good luck!


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      Toddin - thanks, I'm new to this biz and just want to make sure I don't step on toes.


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        Don't write or call, just send the script with a note "Lovely to talk to you in Edmonton, oh, BTW, here's that script we discussed. Thank you for offering to critique it for me." Include a SASE.

        If you write and ask if you can send it, it gives her a way out on something she may have said in passing or under the influence. If you just send it, she would have to consiously renege--ie, shaft you.

        Just make sure it's your best effort.


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          Honey, this business isn't about stepping on toes, it's about sucking on 'em. (Sorry, couldn't resist)

          The point is, there is nothing wrong with following up, being polite and nice (and if needbe persistent). If someone offers to help you, accept their gracious offer.

          Personally I would probably call just to keep the contact going, make sure she remembers you and to see if this is a good time for her to read the script. You want to get it to her when she acutally has time to read it so that it doesn't get stuck in a pile somewhere.

          The key thing here is not to get your script in front of her ASAP, it's to build a relationship so that she gets a good feeling out of helping a young writer. Don't fawn, but make sure she gets that.


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            Steve is on the money again...

            A follow-up call along the lines of "Hey, it was great meeting you, loved the flic, howzabout them BlueJays" kind of thing followed by "I'll probably take you up on that offer to read my script sometime soon - thanks - goodbye"

            Short and sweet and personable but professional... nothing to let her think you want to be a hanger on type.

            Go for it.


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              "She had given me her card (I think for me to send her a script to help me with development/critique it)"

              Um, well, why do you "think" that? Did she say she would read your script? Did she ask to read your script? Did she offer to read your script? Did the words "I will read your script" at any time cross her lips?

              Or are you assuming anyone who gives you a card is offering to read your script?


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                And on that note...

                I really gotta dig out that dog-eared copy of "The Prince" by Nicollo Machiavelli...

                (and that's no dig at anyone; merely a reminder to myself)


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                  GirlinGray - The problem is my brain wasn't working too well when we were talking.

                  She was suggesting for me to have my script read before sending it to anyone and then looked to see if she had one of her cards on her. The topic was changed and someone else started talking to her. I waited for her to finish her conversation. She was about to leave and I asked her if she had her card. She said someone had taken them with some of her other things and I could get it the next day at the festival. I ran into her the next day briefly as she was leaving. We said hello in passing and I asked her for her card. She gave me one and left, she seemed to be in a hurry so I didn't bother her.

                  It was kinda strange.


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                    The $64,000 question

                    When she said "you should have someone read it", did you respond "Who would you suggest?", or did you just nod knowingly? If you just nodded knowingly, then she is not expecting your script in the mail...

                    Your pal,


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                      The 50 cent answer...

                      Couchguy - That's where my brain stopped. I was amazed she was looking for a card and didn't comprehend a word she said. After that my tounge, 'being tied to my brain', didn't work too well either. Embarrased? Very.
                      You slap me silly.


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                        Re: The 50 cent answer...

                        Couchguy - meant to say - you can slap me silly. :O


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                          Thanks for the advice everyone...this was a stupid post...I'm getting way ahead of myself anyway.
                          Back to writing


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                            Re: The 50 cent answer...

                            Well telling you you should get someone to read it and saying she will read it are not the same. You should follow up and say it was nice meeting and thanks for the advice and you can ask her to read it. Don't send it without asking.


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                              GirlinGray - You're right, thanks. To be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed by the 'biz' end of things. I really appreciate all the info.