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  • Title Quandry

    I'm almost done with my latest screenplay. The title is a bit esoteric and won't be understood until about 60% of the way into the story (similar to Silence of the Lambs). Normally I stick to alliterative titles. Everyone loves alliteration and it's easy to remember. So, I wonder if I should change it to something easier - one or two words.

    Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Remember your fishing for a buyer.

    Your Title, Log Line, and Synopsis are your bait
    to get the interest of the Agent/Producer so they
    will request the script.


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      What is the title?


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        Baby Niblet,
        You just made me think it won't work, just by asking what it is.
        Alice Moving Under Skies.
        It's a line from a poem. I think maybe it's too cumbersome.


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          Desiree, I really like that title, it makes a person curious and has a great ring to it.


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            Desiree - Nice line from a poem, but tells me nothing about the movie. Now, whether that's right or wrong is irrevelant. Remember my adage - A movie title is like the grill of a car. It won't make it operate any better, but people make buying decisions based on it (see the Ford Edsel).

            I would recommend something that's more revealing of the storyline, and less cumbersome and esoteric.

            Good luck!


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              I like it. It is quite visual and mysterious. However, for a selling script it might not work. Check out the Wordplay column on good titles:


              It has lots of good advice.




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                What is your logline for this screenplay?


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                  I like the title, I say keep it. The script will sell or not based on the quality of your story, since they can always change the title once they've bought it.


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                    I like the title. Whether it's right for the script? -- we don't know what the script is about, but titles don't always tell us that anyway.


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                      Thanks for all of your replies.
                      The story is a crime thriller. The title of the script relating to the line in the poem ends up having a connection to the crimes and a victim in particular. But, as I said, you only get a little info. about 60% in and the rest towards the end.


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                        It's a great title. But here's what sprung to my mind: independant film, maybe a romance, a young woman searching for love or her place in the world, something thoughtfull, interesting, fairly intellectual.

                        Then you tell me it's a crime thriller. Last thing I would have expected. It's still a great title, but perhaps not for this story.


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                          Yes, like that all time great farm movie "Silence of the Lambs"


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                            I like it but...

                            I have to agree with alot of the comments above.
                            Consider, maybe,

                            Alice Moving
                            Moving Under Skies

                            Either may prove less confusing re: genre.


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                              Re: I like it but...

                              WCMartell has a whole thingameejig on titles at his site. No suck-up; he didn't pay me. But I checked it out, and thought it was quite sagacious.

                              Can't hurt to spend 5 minutes perusing it...

                              And I'll be honest. Anything that sounds remotely like "Raising Arizona" or "Under Milkwood" or (choose your euphemistic verb/noun mixture) sh!ts me off. That doesn't mean the scripts with such titles are bad, but they rub me raw.

                              My favourite title in all the world?

                              Murder by Death. Says it all. Also one of the most hilarious (and politically INcorrect) comedies around.