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  • Giving up the day job...

    Just wondering about you guys. Are you all full-time writers ro do you have the requisite 'day job'.

    I'm a management consultant.

    (No punchlines please, I'm genuinely interested)

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    Yes, yes, yes...

    ...a consultant who doesn't use spell check.

    'ro' = 'or'


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      Re: Yes, yes, yes...

      I'm a full time process/chemical engineer.

      Insert engineering joke here


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        Re: Yes, yes, yes...

        I edit SGML (internet language). Yeah boy - that's what I said I wanted to be when I grow up.


        ...and the day begins on a low note of *twink*


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          Re: Yes, yes, yes...

          I'm a full-time marketeer...and I cook, and write, and clean, and write, and do laundry, and write, and rake leaves, and write, and mow the lawn, and write, and take out the trash, and write, and pay the bills, and write, and paint/draw, and write--writing comes usually after 10PM! Plus, I love my son like there's no tomorrow. He comes before any of that other stuff mentioned.

          And, Melt, the Engineering mentioned once that you were as deep as a tablespoon? Well, I do think you run a lot deeper--maybe a great big ladle? NOT! Just joshing ya....


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            Re: Yes, yes, yes...

            R&D Project Manager at a large biotech company. That + a 9 month old son keeps the page count moving like molasses.


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              I work for an online bill payment service as a research representative. And since I found my rose colored glasses, I just love it!



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                High School Teacher...Social Studies/Economics/World Geography/World Middle School Baseball...past jobs since I was 16.

                newspaper boy
                car wash attendant
                grocery bag sacker/cashier (the old mechanical cash registers)
                ice cream clerk
                truck driver for shoney's
                shoe salesman/shoe store manager
                clothing store manager
                pizza hut (lasted one day)
                Stint in the Air Force/pumped JP-4
                repo man for tv rental company
                sold firewood
                clerk auto parts store
                worked on a dredge boat for Corps of Engineers
                signalman for Frisco Railroad
                installed water purifiers
                sold air purifiers
                car salesman new and used
                hotel night auditor (lasted 3 days)
                assistant manager for KFC
                product demonstrator of fake gold at dept stores
                insurance salesman
                sold rubber mats
                manager of a YWCA one summer
                newspaper columnist
                correctional system adult and juvenile/jailer
                drove a tour bus for grayline tour company
                youth market manager for Pepsi Cola USA
                sold seafood for a group of grifters
                worked on a shrimp boat
                sold biomedical equipment
                sold fume hoods to laboratories
                worked as a courier for a Corning labs picking up blood samples.
                probably a few more but my fingers are tired....

                all is true. I might also add I have been married four times...have three children...go to church...been to the following Universities...Univ. of Memphis, Univ. of Tenn, Eastern New Mexico, Loyola (New Orleans) Univ. of New Orleans, Nicholls State University, Harvard University.
                ...sorry I got off on a tangent...but my whole life blurred by...I still haven't found my niche.



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                  Heh, well, I am quitting my job at Chapman University -- today is my last day as a matter o' fact. But dont get excited, I still gotta work. I'll prolly do temp admin stuff for awhile, unless my dream comes true and I get a job at a publisher house in S.F.... <grin> But yeah, I've been typing on my script every day here at work, so I get the best o' both: working on the script AND a steady paycheck. This is a Good Thing. But even if I *do* get to the point where I am selling scripts and making good money from them, I'd still need at least a part-time job or I'd go out of my gourd. Part of how I write is because I am dealing with the everyday world and job and crap, and from that I get this huge burst of creative catharticism that lets me get the story out... <shrug> Not for everyone, but works for me. I reckon that when I'm sitting back watching my stories be made into flicks, I'll work p/t as my sweetie's secretary, helping him get *his* stuff done... Now THAT is a job I can get into, heh


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                    I wish I had a day job! Sadly I am the personification of the starving artist (ok I'm not starving but...) :b


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                      I write for the internet and do work for hire when I'm not writing specs.

                      It's taken a long time to get here. Before that I was a Kelly girl, an Addeco girl, a Manpower girl, etc.

                      You get the point.



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                        Gdover's resume

                        I was looking for the "selling ice to Eskimos" gig on your resume. You aint been around 'till you've done that.

                        I've worked hotel night audit, too. You get to see some really, really strange stuff in a hotel in the middle of the night, I'll tell ya.



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                          Can't compete with Gdover, but...

                          I gave up law to become this famous writer. Figured my package would last about 2 years, so gave myself this to "make it". 6 years later, I think of all the money I could be making as a lawyer, then I trudge off to my part-time job in a bookstore.

                          Actually, I've finally cracked the local writing market (in South Africa) and am writing for a couple of sitcoms here, so I don't really need the job at the bookstore. But as writing is such an insular vocation, I kinda enjoy getting out the house and going where there are people. Also, the kids I work with are in their (very) early 20's, so it keeps me young (or so I like to think).


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                            What I Do

                            I currently work as the editor of a regional weekly newspaper. In the past I have written and produced videos, and worked as a reporter. If you define yourself by your job, you're only limiting your dreams. Although I would not recommend that a beginning writer leave behind all means of ordinary financial support with expectations of making a lot of money with writing alone, I would always say that if you love to write, you can do no better than to make a practice of it, with hopes (as I have) of one day having the luxury to pursue it with greater and greater success.


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                              Chris? Selling ice to eskimos.

                              I thought about it and remembered when I was at Univ. of Tenn. Me and a fraternity brother would go to the local motels and clean out their ice machines. (we had about 15 Igloo coolers)and sell the ice to other fraternities for parties on friday night) we charged .50 a bag.

                              We made enough to buy a case of beer and a fifth of crown royal whiskey. (we were broke...most of the time) my parents took away my expense/fun money because of my sordid behavior.

                              I wrote my Dad.

                              Dear Dad,

                              No mon, no fun,

                              Your son.

                              My Day wrote back.

                              Dear Son,

                              Too bad, too sad,

                              Your Dad.