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    Re: What I Do

    I would never give up my day job. I get to be outside all day.

    During the day I sell oranges at the La Brea on-ramp of the Santa Monica freeway. I meet all kinds of great people as they wait for the traffic monitor light to turn green.

    Then, about 3 or 4ish (see, no time card to punch) I rush over to the intersection of Olympic and Bundy, to stand in the median and sell flowers to all those sweet guys who want to bring a posie home to their sweeties. If I'm really hard up for cash I try to hoist a few bags of peanuts on them. This is the life.


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      day job

      I'm Operations Manager for a locksmith company. I am also a locksmith myself. I have a road crew of 90 plus eight service managers reporting to me. In the past I have been:

      A news/sports writer/reporter.
      A TV Cameraman
      An EMT
      a credit fraud investigator
      A dj
      a retail manager (UGH!!)
      a martial arts instructor

      and numerous other [email protected]#%$ jobs I won't admit to anymore now that I'm an adult.


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        Re: day job

        I think I'll list all the jobs that I got fired from. I must really suck as an employee now that I think about it. (Actually, I've been at the company I work for now for almost 4 years - but I get to work from home...therefore, they never REALLY get to know me...hehehe).

        Worked at a Chevy dealership. They hired my best friend from highschool (we were both in highschool at the time). We *worked* in the service department and watched as people got ripped off over car repairs. We got tired of it - so we decided to go half-a$$ on our duties and flirt with the mechanics instead. BOOM! FIRED! (Both of us) OK - so maybe I deserved that one - but I was only 17, I didn't give a crap. Found another job the next day.

        Worked at a 5-diamond hotel where I was the Front Office Manager. Anyhoo - a new Gen. Manager came in and took over. He decided to replace the staff that brought the hotel to 5-diamond status with his own staff from LA. One at a time we were fired. I was number 18 out of 24 (even the young supervisors who were barely out of college were fired). Less than a year later the hotel's 5-diamond status was threatened and the gen. mgr was fired (this was right after he cheated on his wife - got kicked out of his house - then got kicked out of living in the hotel...he was on the streets - literally). I almost felt sorry for him and maybe I would have if he had given me a better excuse for firing me than..."Uhm....I just don't want you to work here anymore" <while shuffling papers nervously on his desk>.

        Worked as the office manager for a commercial Gen. Contractor. Just so happens that this contractor, Mike, rents his office space in the building my husband owns. Well...obviously that held no weight for me cause he fired me anyhow! YIKES! The reason? A daycare was being added to the office park and my husband was taking bids on having it built. Mike's bid was MAJORLY higher than the others and so he gave the job to someone else. Mike felt I should have had more control over it and gotten him the job. I had no more control over who was given that job than I did over the fact that my husband wouldn't kick his butt out of the building after I got fired....yes, I tried...but he wouldn't do it....wouldn't even raise his rent. that was mean of me...but dang...what a maroon-head!!! Plus I was TICKED!

        Anybody else get fired?



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          Re: day job

          Darn it Tina, I'm still trying to get hired! :eek


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            Re: day job


            getting fired from retail was the best thing that ever happened to me. That industry is full of the most arrogant, uptight, self righteous a-holes imaginable. I took the job I have now as something to get by with, til I got something I wanted. That was eight years ago...


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              Re: day job

              Me? I'm a Corrections Captain, yes I work in a jail, but I'm a boss....
              It's a great day job if you like working all the holidays.....