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    BTW, Gig...

    (aside from how delightful you were in the "Room" today)...

    The comments about unbelievable family-tales really hit home.

    Actually, they hit me in the chest like one of "Squint" Eastwoods magnum slugs.

    I reckon they deserve their own "spin-off" thread...


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      Re: BTW, Gig...

      kosk - It's a good thing I've never been to Dublin - I feel certain I would have slipped up and mentioned masturbation at least once during a conversation! that true? Are they kind of prudish...not that that's a bad thing, I don't reakon. I'm just curious...just incase I'm ever out that way.



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        Well, Tina...

        Dublin is a wonderful and strange city...

        Even in the men's stalls, I can't recall seeing any drawings of "parts".

        Think about that for a moment.

        Even in the "liberal" areas, I never once saw people of the same gender even hold hands, even steal a kiss together.

        On some levels, outspoken and very much rocketing into the new millenium.

        On other levels, someone from the most dreaded parts of the '50's would have a happy vacation there.

        But it is still my most favourite city in the world, and I long to return, as soon as I can.


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          Joaquin Murieta's Head on History Channel


          It just so happens that I was watching the History channel tonight and guess what story they ran...Joaquin Murieta's head and the guy that owns it now.

          I was busy writing and halfway listening to the program but I did turn and see this outlaw's head preserved in this huge glass...what's he preserved in formaldehyde?

          Just thought I would pass it along.



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            Regarding researching every little thing, remember that most films cut away when boring procedural or technical stuff begins to occur.

            Technical stuff can really bog down a good story.



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              Re: Joaquin Murieta's Head on History Channel

              gdover - Wow! I wish I had seen the program. Originally the head was preserved in whiskey.

              I would have to question the authenticity of the head in the show, because everything I've read claims it disappeared in the earthquake. It is possibly the real thing, I guess. Does the owner keep it on his coffee table? Yecch!


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                Re: Joaquin Murieta's Head on History Channel

                hm, *I* am curious as to whether the owner of said head is a Californian or Mexican... (we could go on a raid, Bill!)



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                  Found: Joaquin Murieta's Head!!



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                    Re: Found: Joaquin Murieta's Head!!

                    I have that one too, muh man... and now that you've proven yourself, you'll have NO excuse not to show your true emoti-colours in the Emoti-Movie thread...

                    Glad (again) that you're with us... kosk