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  • Anyone use coverage sites?

    Hi, gang. I'm researching coverage sites and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations. The only caveat is that they must be online.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I submitted my script to - I got a 8 page coverage which was:

    70% wise, focused, thoughtful insights, comments and tips
    30% useless crap

    Although I got a "pass" (with many many positive comments)
    i think it was a very worthy shot and I actually rewrite my screenplay
    now according to their tips (minus the crap)


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      Never say never, but I seriously doubt I would ever use a coverage service. I know you didn't want to hear that, but you also remember that earlier thread and the reaction that company received.

      I believe there are enough resources around where serious and meaningful criticism can be obtained. I view coverage services as an unnecessary expense. I know they can be useful and many people have said they were happy with the results, however, I am not one to part so easily with my money.

      If I may put on my cynic's hat for a moment, how is it there is such a plethora of people that can critique, or cover, other writers' work and help make it sellable, but cannot sell their own? If a service covers thousands of screenplays and can only boast of a few options sold from works it has covered, is that record any better than what would have happened without the service?

      Believe me, if I thought spending a couple of hundred dollars would increase my chances of a sale significantly, I would jump on it.


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        Thanks, Bill

        I understand (and happen to agree with) your opinion about coverage services. But we at storyXchange want to provide access to whatever services our users desire, including coverage. To that end, would you feel less positive (assuming that you feel positive about it now) about our site if we offered, but didn't necessarily endorse, one or more coverage sites?

        I appreciate your input. Thanks!


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          I haven't used a coverage site because the exchange rate makes it just way too expensive for me. Like Bill, I wonder at the success (?) rates of these sites, but admit that if I could afford it, I might use one.

          I don't think it'd make me less inclined to use your site if it had links to coverage sites. In fact, I think it'd be beneficial to know what's available out there...but only if you research the sites you're linking (which you appear to be doing) and stay away from those that are so controversial. Bear in mind that even if you don't endorse them, just their presence could effect your site users' opinions.

          Just my thoughts on this.

          Just my thoughts.


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            Re: Coverage


            I wouldn't mind links to coverage services on a web site. The business is a legitimate one, and as long as the companies are honest and reputable, why not?


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              Re: Coverage

              I think it was last summer '99, that Script or Screenwriting magazine did a pretty comprehensive two part analysis of the most well known coverage people. It would be helpful to your viewers if perhaps you put the articles up. I bet you could also get the Experts who were rated well to perhaps buy an advertising banner. If you really want to go out of your way you could also talk to them, maybe an interview. I certainly wouldn't be offended to see anything like that on your site.
              PS. Does the HB stand for Hermosa Beach? Or are you on the 'wrong' coast?


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                Keep 'em coming!

                Bill, Desiree, et al...

                Thanks for your extremely helpful insight, and if anyone else wants to add their two cents, by all means, please do.

                Desiree - Yes, the HB is Hermosa Beach. Are you on the Left Coast, too? 8:


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                  Re: Keep 'em coming!

                  Like most the three things that detour me from using those services are...
                  1. Money
                  2. Skepticism
                  3. Credibaility

                  As far as linking the banner to your sight I think it would be a good idea and add a little credibality to the service you provide. It shows that you are only interested in providing an invaluable service to writers. If the opportunity arises I would definitely use your service because through your activity on this board you have demonstrated a knowledge of the business and a desire to help other perfect the skills needed to succeed. Kudos ToddinHB.



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                    Re: Keep 'em coming!

                    The Left Coast and the South Bay rule!
                    Question: I went to your site a couple of times yesterday and today. When I go to the far right screen and try to scroll down my computer freezes. It looks like the cursor gets stuck to the far right almost out of sight. Is it you guys or is it pilot error?


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                      PPPC - Thank you for the kind comments. Despite my previous occupation as an agent, I sincerely hope to improve the aspiring writers' lot with this website.

                      Desi - I'm not having of the problems you describe, so I would guess that the difficulty is with your browser, computer, or the dreaded computer imp. But please let me know if the problem persists. I'd like to be helpful. And if you're ever in the South Bay, let me know. It'd be fun to meet you.

                      Thanks everyone!


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                        Re: Thanks!

                        My $.02.

                        What I find most difficult is getting the right logline and synopsis. There are many, many companies that do script notes and coverage, but I don't think there are any that do just loglines and a synopsis. To me, that would be most helpful. I think it is far easier to get the script than to write the logline and synopsis. Judging from the help requests on this board, I don't think I'm alone on this.


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                          Thanks, Paula

                          I'll take your two cents, and I very much appreciate it. I sympathize with your logline and synopses woes. While I can't offer any websites that provide that service, I would point you to our site, in the Story Workshop, under Story Guidelines, where we offer some tips on creating a compelling and informative logline and synopsis.

                          Hope that helps! Good luck!


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                            coverage sites

                            I'm sitting on the other side of the world, so coverage sites has been a help for me, to get a little little bit closer to the business. Storybay gave me a pass, with a three-page reivew which was mostly crap, I'm sorry to say. That same screenplay has also been to, where the reader thought it was "a sure-fire blockbuster" and could be "a gigantic movie". I think that sums it up - people have very different tastes, and $150 is a lot to pay for someones very personal opinion. To rate the sites, I think has been the most professional, with number two, and number three.


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                              Re: coverage sites


                              I would echo Bill Marq's opinions on coverage services word for word. I have never had a good experience with a coverage service.

                              Many members of this board have provided coverage for each other. I think it's as good or as bad as any 'professional' coverage you may find. Take the fees away from the coverage, and what you are left with should be honest feedback with no ulterior motives.
                              The writer takes the feedback for whatever value he/she feels it's worth to their story.