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  • High Concept Comedy!

    A total moron with verbal abilities of a 12 year old glue sniffing
    airhead decides that he should be the president of the US of A...
    And he makes it!

    Hey, I know this logline needs a little polish but check out these cool
    one liners I came up with....

    "Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream."

    "Drug therapies are replacing a lot of medicines as we used to know it."

    "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."

    "It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas."

    "The woman who knew that I had dyslexia I never interviewed her."

    "Well, I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do it, that's trustworthiness."--

    "We cannot let terrorists and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile.''

    "He has certainly earned a reputation as a fantastic mayor, because the results speak for themselves. I mean, New York's a safer place for him to be." (On Rudy Giuliani)

    "I understand small business growth. I was one."

    "I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family."

    "Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"

    "Keep good relations with the Grecians."

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    How about an idiot savant who has no social skills and seems more like a robot than a human being running for president? Rain Man meets Bob Roberts.

    "Non-sequitor. That does not compute. There is no controlling legal authority."


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      No Way

      Your "log-line" and potential dialogue "one-liners" are way too ridiculous and unlikely to ever make a movie people would respond or connect to in any real way. I know it's a comedy, but still, there has to be a root of believability and relatability for it to work.

      It's like if you pitched your idea and then added to it the moron would-be-president adds a vice-president candidate to his ticket who can't even spell 'potato.' It's all just too "out-there" to ever work. The American public would never buy it.

      Take another stab.



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        Re: No Way

        Let's make it a political thriller. We have this guy; let's say he'a a vice president. Let's have him sign off a deal with a former superpower nation, maybe Russia, that allows them to surreptitiously sell three nuclear submarines to some militant nation that is at odds with the United States. How about Iran? Of course he can't tell congress or the American people that his administration did that. Oh, then in a second deal, he allows Russia to sell these enormously powerful torpedoes, ones capable of blasting an American destroyer in half, to the same country. Secretly, of course, because the American people might not understand why we would allow an enemy to be armed in this manner, against our official policies.

        Wow! The intrigue! The suspense! Yes, then this guy runs for president against an inarticulate Southerner and wins by a landslide. But it's okay with the American people, because this guy can spell "potato" and lots of other words in public without ever making a mistake. And he's a hell of a kisser.

        Now, that's believable.

        ("Gee, Bill," someone asks, "How could that be true if I never read about it in the newspaper?")

        Hmmmm. Ask the U. S. senator who discussed it on the radio this morning. He's the one that gave me this wonderful plot.


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          Re: No Way

          I love that "hostile" one. Dubbya sure is a moron.


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            Re: No Way

            How about a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who runs on a populist platform castigating "corporate greed".


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              Re: No Way

              P'don - let's go all out. Let's make your entrepreneur and my vice president the SAME GUY! Let's add a subplot. We'll make this guy a pathological liar, who seems to believe his own outrageous claims, even though they are demonstrably false and an ambarrassment to his own party.

              Man! We have a hell of a story going here! No, wait a minute. We need another plot point. Let's have a third-party candidate as an added nemisis. We'll make him a real popular spokesman for the people, so he steals votes from our protagonist. Then our guys political machine could start throwing around a little muscle to convince all these people NOT to vote for their hero, because it might help put some inarticulate Southerner in the White House.

              Jeez, Louise. Let's work out a logline and a synopsis on this before somebody else beats us to it. Whaddaya say, Jack? 50-50 on the option? I can't believe I gave away this idea in a public forum where anybody could steal it. Next thing you know, I'll be reading about it in the newspaper.


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                Re: How about this?

                Incumbent president is beaten by a landslide by some slick Southern hillbilly. The people love him. Next thing we know, scandals are trickled out until something sticks. The former president and his machine are able to actually impeach this popular president by digging into his foremost weakness. But, oh-no, the people still love him and his popularity soars and his enemies flounder and fall. Now the popular president's vice president runs for president. His opposition - you won't believe it - yes, it's the son of the former president, that the popular president beat, and to top it all off this former president was once head of the CIA (how's that for a subplot). The popular president's administration has reigned over eight years of peace and prosperity yet the son of a president has a chance of winning. How did this happen? Sure he's dopey. But that's what the people want right now. Not the smart guy that not only has read books, but has written one, but the guy they would feel comfortable having a beer with. I'll have to wait a few more days until I figure out the third act turning point and denounement.


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                  My head hurts from being hit on the head with all these thinly-veiled-political-statement hammers.

                  The story, IMHO, is the former pro wrestler who becomes governor, then president. Sure, Jesse was the inspiration, but just think of what you could do with him as a fictional character!


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                    Re: How about this?

                    Good point, there Desi. Popularity will win a political race regardless of the genuine issues, and I say that in complete acknowledgement that it works "both ways", so do not interpret that as a put-down, please.

                    I'm going to use your suggestion and have my protaganist write a book about saving the earth from pollution so that no one will care that he sanctions the sale of nuclear submarines with ship-killer torpedoes to the allies of terrorists that blow holes in our ships killing American sailors. They'll probably never use them anyway.

                    Todd: My god! My secret is out. Please don't tell. :b


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                      Re: How about this?

                      Since I just finished my latest screenplay and need to distance myself for a few days before the rewrite, I took great pleasure in writing my little paragraph. The truth is I'm going to vote for Ralph Nader. I just couldn't think of anything funny or full of plot twists to write about him. He wrote a book, too. But that was a long time ago, who remembers "Dangerous At Any Speed?" I think this is a fun way to play, while putting off the inevitable rewrite.


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                        Re: How about this?


                        I read "Unsafe at Any Speed" when it first came out in paperback. (Yes, I was very young at the time.) I was a long time Ralph Nader supporter, although some of his later antics disillusioned me. In all sincerity, he may be the best choice in this election, but he can't win. So much for American politics.

                        Good luck on your re-write.


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                          Re: OOPs

                          You're right "Unsafe At Any Speed." It was a long time ago. Thanks, Bill for wishing me good luck on the rewrite. You're a stand-up guy.


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                            The multi-millionaire entrepreneur running on a populist platform bashing corporations is...............

                            RALPH NADER!!!!!

                            Yep Ralphy, an entrepreneur who created the consumer advocacy industry made millions investing in high tech start ups. Whatdya expect, he is a lawyer after all.

                            Oh, but by all means, do vote for him, I encourage all liberals who care about their causes to vote for Nader.


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                              Re: Desiree

                              Uh...since when has being a multi-millionaire undermined your credibility when criticizing the activities of corporations? I'm pretty sure its possible to achieve wealth without exploiting your fellow human beings.