Contrast between characterization and true character



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  • Contrast between characterization and true character

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    The contrast between peaceful Rambo and the bullying Sheriff & his sadistic Deputy is also worth analyzing. Rambo could be any one of us -- we might not have the know-how to take on the Sheriff's Dept. and the National Guard, but we could run into these nutjobs and suffer the same fate Rambo did, just for being there. So we're on Rambo's side despite what he does, and we understand him better and better as the movie progesses and Col. Trautman reveals his past, while the Sheriff and his associates remain inflexible villains determined to hunt him like an animal. Rambo's true character isn't to be violent. It's to survive by any means possible. He would've happily faded into the forest and disappeared if he could. They wouldn't let him. They pushed him.

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      Character is what they do/don't do and why they do it that reveals what they believe, want, feel, think, need, makes them tick, etc...

      Characterization is how they do it that reveals their unique traits, slant, perspective, personality, etc...