Ideologies of themes and issues.



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  • Ideologies of themes and issues.

    Hey, Sorry but I wasn't sure where to post this but I thought I would call on my fellow screenwriters for some help.

    I have been presented with an essay topic:

    "Choose two films about the same issue (such as divorce, imprisonment, love, criminality and so on) What ideologies of your chosen issue are apparent in these films? Explain how these ideologies interact to produce a preferred reading of each film. Does this preferred reading dominant, hegemonic groups in this society?"

    Yeah, pretty deep hey? I just wanted to solicit some help maybe some examples of two films with the same issue or some examples of how to issues can differ or be alike? Or whatever, the topic is open for discussion.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    you should definitely compare and contrast The Crying Game with White Chicks.


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      Any serious posts?...


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        Have you seen "Around The Bend?" - comparing that to "Terms Of Endearment" would be good - both have a parent/child relationship AND a death theme.

        Maybe "Color Purple" and "Prince Of Tides" which both deal with abuse.

        "Deer Hunter" and "Platoon" both dealing with the vietnam war.

        "I'll Do Anything" and "Life With Mikey" both are to do with desparation

        "Annie Hall" and "When Harry Met Sally" both dealing with love/hate relationships.

        "Affliction" and "Trainspotting" having to do with dependancy

        "Body Heat" and "Fatal Attraction" both dealing with sexual obsession

        well, those are just off the top of my head.


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          yeah, you know, i kinda like jim's idea. thinking outside the box, so to speak.

          and what did you expect when asking other people to do your homework for you?


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            Compare Birth of a Nation to Mississippi Burning

            Compare Triumph of the Will to Schindler's List


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              About Schmidt and Fight Club.


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                The Passion of the Christ and The Life of Brian.

                I never got questions like this when I was in school. What a great topic.


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                  Compare Heat (1995) and Collateral (2004), good vs. bad or the psyche of a criminal or polar opposites etc.


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                    Does this preferred reading dominant, hegemonic groups in this society
                    What does this mean?

                    What class is this for?