A double twist or double surprise ending...Examples?



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  • A double twist or double surprise ending...Examples?

    Can anyone think of any examples of films or screenplays that have one twist and then a resolution and then another twist?

    An example might be that a man discovers his is actually a ghost, he comes to terms with that fact, and then goes toward the light to meet his maker, and meets the devil instead. :lol

    twist 1 is the fact that he's a ghost
    twist 2 is that he's going to hell not heaven

    that's just a made-up bad example ala 6th sense if it were to have a double twist. :lol I am looking for real examples. I am wondering if it is possible for an audience to get a payoff, but then leave the theater and have something to debate and discuss

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    the others

    twist ending: they turn out to be the ones that are dead

    twist on the twist: mother killed her kids then herself



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      That movie with Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards, Neve Campbell...

      that has what you would call a double ending.


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        Back to the Future
        - Marty tries to get back and save the Doc from being shot by the Terrorists - but fails.
        - But the Doc is alive because of the note Marty wrote him int he past.
        - Marty tried to repair the damage int he past so his family would remain the same and thinks everything is back to the way it should be - but awakes in a family that is very different. His parents and siblings are happy and well adjusted.


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          Heist has a great double twist. I won't get into it if you haven't seen the flick. But it's just the ending. It's not so tied into plot as Deus' example which I think is a great double ending.

          The difference? Treaded into the entire story from page one, the BTF double twist begins with Marty simply thinking he's surrounded by a family of morons and he finally gets his inner secret desire by the end (a better family). We're not even told right out that he 'wants' a different family, which is common for inner goals through dialogue, we just know by how the story plays out.

          Not sure if that's really a double twist but the little commonalies foreshadowed to pop up in that movie later were genius on the writer's part and is a must read for any novice.


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            What about "Closer?" Alice (Natalie Portman) finally walks out on Dan (Jude Law) and then Dan later finds out that Alice wasn't her real name. I don't know if that qualifies as a double twist.


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