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    Re: The creative process: "the Subconscious creative pr

    Zeicon has problems because he has to recite his scripts to the execs from memory, since he never writes anything down. On the other hand, it's a lot easier to do rewrites. Or would those be re-recites?

    And frankly I almost always have paper and pen with me, and if that makes anybody question my sanity, I couldn't care less. I'm a writer. Nobody said I had to be sane.

    I think it's definitely smart to write down ideas that flash into your mind.


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      Re: The creative process: "the Subconscious creative pr

      As stated already, it's not like I never write anything down :>


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        Re: The creative process: "the Subconscious creative pr

        Ravenlocks, Imagine having 15 of the most brilliant directors in the same room, then you convince the best hypnotist to pitch the right script idea to them and they all see it from your point of view?

        They all talk about it from an empty chair as if they all saw it from your point of-view :rollin


        its so complex yet so simple that it may not be be produced until years later when A.I. finds an un-produced screenplay data-base, lost for 200 years?

        ~This idea is an un-forgotten relic of the 2010's. Finally, some thinks about ..... Van Gogh in regards to the Blair Witch Project? Do You have any idea what I MEAN?



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          Re: forgetting you forgot


          That's a very cool argument!



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            ohmygod, WRITING things down! What!? Whoever would think of something so crazy as that... as WRITING IDEAS ON PAPER.


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              Re: what!?

              i don't carry around notepads or sleep with them, etc. it's all a bit much for me.

              i do get ideas for stuff at odd times and think they may be good stuff, and if they are, i figure they'll pop up in the right place somewhere, or wrong place. they will work themselves in some place with the rest of the stuff on spin cycle.

              might get lucky. might not. ain't going nowhere either way...will just cook or spin a bit longer or whatever.

              i don't get serious about writing until i finish the crossword as much as I can get, the jumble, drink two cups of coffee, a glass of juice of some sort, scan what has happened in the world since I'd slept, reread a ton of what i've been working on or want to work on and then put both hands on the keyboard. then it's just time to let go again.

              let it go.

              then whatever happens next, happens next. it's all in there swirling around...i don't make the bits and pieces and ideas come to a staff meeting and introduce themselves before i'm ready to do some work. my desk ain't a science lab or a business meeting. god forbid.

              if the words are clunky or too slow coming in a 'you don't understand what i'm saying to you kind of way,' or they're just bashful for whatever reason, i go fishing.

              fish don't care.

              and then i repeat the above.

              i don't carry a pen and paper fishing. but nothing wrong with it if writing those notes to yourself don't interfere with catching a fish.

              catch a fish and you actually have something to write about, you see.


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                Super Memory Dude


                You probably haven't had a life. That's why you remember everything so quickly. :lol