Why do you use BOLD in an action description?



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    I disagree with kojled.

    While there are certainly writers that do use it as a crutch, I don't think it indicative of one. There are plenty of quality screenwriters, including working ones, that will use capitalized writing prior to the shooting draft.

    That being said, it should be done intelligently. Don't drown the page in it. If you use common sense you obtain from reading other bought-and-sold work, you should be fine. The Aliens example is a good one.


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      i didn't say there weren't lots of quality writers who use lots of all caps and lots of sold scripts with lots of all caps in them and that new writers shouldn't copy what they see in these scripts. i said something else. if you want to disagree with what i said then disagree with what i said and don't make up something i didn't say and say that i said it so that you can then disagree with it

      further - if you had written your post in huge font, red, and underlined, i might have been swept away by the power of your argument. but, as typed, it's not compelling or objective



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          I don't see anything wrong with bolding here and there for emphasis. But it should be used very little. It helps with high actions scenes. I try to look at it like this...it's an easier way for me to show that something is prominent in a beat then saying ANGLE ON or something.
          I am certainly no expert - just another writer with an opinion. And Iâ€TMm not disagreeing with your post - but:

          A good novelist will write a great, high action scene without using a single capitalized word for emphasis. And a really great writer will put very vivid pictures in my head without using ANGLE ON or any mention of a camera.

          Which make me wonder:

          Canâ€TMt a screen writer write just as vivid?

          I know I try. And I know when I read a script without these elements, itâ€TMs a much smother read.